Lexxxus Adams Likes It @LexxxusAdams

Young Lexxxus Adams has some really tiny feet and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. When I found out she had never had them worshipped I had to get those piggies in my mouth. Lexxxus told me I could and I was ready to go. Her tiny feet were very soft and when I licked them Lexxxus really enjoyed it.

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Alyssas A Foot Virgin @Alyssab

22 year old Amateur Alyssa has never had anyone worship her sexy soles. As soon as she told me that I knew this was going to be interesting. After taking off her shoes I sniffed and licked her feet slowly and she started to giggle. I couldn’t help but tickle them a bit and she went nuts. Alyssa has some very soft and sensitive feet you guys are sure to enjoy, I know I did.

Renees Licklish Feet


19 year old Renee Marie came in for an interview and when Zoey discovered her feet were virgins she had to take full advantage. She removes Renees sandals and lightly tickles her feet making her giggle. Zoey runs her tongue from Renees heel to her toes and after that Renee let her do whatever she wanted to her feet including tickling.


Jennifers Tiny Little Feet

Tiny Jennifer Bliss is barely 4’10 and has size 3 feet. When she told me she had never had them licked I had to be the first. After I pulled off her socks and my tongue hit her tasty soles I discovered they were really ticklish too. Her feet were so tiny they were easy to fit in my mouth and with her being so small she couldn’t escape the tickling either.

Zoeys Confession


20 yr old Zoey has a bit of a thing for the salon owners feet. During a remodel at the salon Zoey comes up with a plan to soothe her obsession and invites Kimmy to test out the hair station. Since theres no salon chair yet Zoey tells her they can test it on her feet and has Kimmy sit on the counter. She washes and rubs her bosses feet, sneaking in the occasional tickle. Since Kimmy seems to enjoy it Zoey takes the plunge and asks to worship her feet and surprisingly Kimmy agrees. By the time Zoey is done she has a new position and Kimmy gave her a raise too