Foot Worshipping Spell Won’t Wear Off!!

Katerina previously went to a local witch to get a potion that would make her cute roommates worship her sexy feet. She always had a problem getting them to do it. Fortunately the spell worked, but UNFORTUNATELY it hasn’t worn off after the time the witch said it would. Now, she has these foot craving roommates and no reversal for her selfish spell. They won’t leaver her alone, she’s escaped to call and reverse the spell, but they found her and they immediately latched to her feet and started salivating all over them. She thought she would love this, but it has gotten out of hand. Eventually they tie her up since she won’t give them what they want. These girls are relentlessly slaving over her feet. Katerina has never encountered such intense worship. This should teach her not to play with witchcraft!

Feeding Camille’s Craving!

Apparently you don’t have to be pregnant to have strange cravings. Camille and I were sitting down at the table when she dropped her bag of chips and decided she was craving my swollen pregnant feet instead. She got on the floor, took off my flats and started kissing and licking my swollen pregnant feet right there in the kitchen!

Bellas Sexy Soles

Bellas Ticklish Feet HD
Get Her The Job

Bella Roxx needed a regular paycheck so she applied for a job at Tickling U. When she arrived her interviewer asked her a few questions and finds out she was tickled quite a bit when she was younger so she removes her shoes and begins the test. Lightly raking her nails on Bellas soles Malice drives her crazy quickly then she starts licking her toes. Bella laughs and struggles a bit but tries to resist so she can pass the test. After several minutes Malice informs her that she will advance to the next testing phase, full body tickling.

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