2013Top Tickler Competition FULL VIDEO @FTKL

Brought to you straight from Fetish Con 2013! This is the first in what will be a series of tickle competitions to be held around the country, courtesy of JW Ties! This 30-minute collaboration is brought to you by JW, Shy and Wild Tickling and FTKL Images!

New ticklee, Logan Lace is tickled silly by Florida’s top competitors, chosen by YOU, THE FANS! Catherine Foxx, Whitney Morgan, Charlee Chase and Taylor Raz all unleash their tickle fury on little Ms. Lace! Who wins? YOU DO, if you buy this vid! Proceeds go to charity, plus FTKL Images will match your purchase of this vid with a free full-movie video of your choice!

But, don’t wait! This vid will only be here, for the month of September! We’ve even offered it at the lowest price c4s will allow, so everyone can get it! (800×500)

Download it HERE

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The Mad Podiatrist – Another Hot @FTKL Series Special






Here it is! 43 minutes of foot-tickling and foot worshiping hotness, with Mandy Taylor, Whitney Morgan and Allegra! Three sexy blondes and lots of pretty, unbearably ticklish feet! This vid combines all three parts of the “Mad Podiatrist” series! (HD) Sale-priced til midnight, Sunday, August 4th!






Ms Whitney Morgan in My Creamy Feet

Last but not least the beautiful blond bombshell Ms Whitney Morgan gives you a proper foot show with that creamy lotion of hers at The Funhouse today. As you already seen, she really knows how to get her hands all nice and creamy plus her beautiful sexy body as well. Now for all the foot lovers out there, we have a nice treat for you with this clip today. As Whitney is sitting on the couch in that sexy black lingerie set, she lays back and holds those beautiful feet up close to the camera so you can get the perfect view that you have been waiting for. The way she wiggles her toes just makes you want to reach out and massage them for her but she’s going to let you sit back and enjoy this one with her doing all the work. As she takes that bottle of lotion, she gently pours them on each little toe one by one, the way she gets into it makes the scene so hot. Then she gently rubs that creamy lotion into her toes and the rest of her beautiful feet, you can tell she is in paradise as she does this!


Foot Slave Training 101

Miss Whitneys Slave Training
Puts Him In His Place

After a long day of shopping Miss Whitney is ready to relax but her new slave is not doing his job. She orders him to remove her shoes and worship her tired feet but his responses are a bit slow so she reminds him swiftly what his only purpose is. He licks and sucks her feet awhile but still isn’t quite getting things right so she orders him to lay down and covers his face with her feet awhile.


Worship Step Mommies Feet

Worship Step-Mommies Feet HD

And You Might Get To Go Out

Whitney has been grounded for almost a week and she is dying to go out. Her step Mommie Tara is resting on the couch watching tv when Whitney comes in and begs her to let her go out. Whitney is so eager to go out with her friends when Step Mommie tells her she may let her if she worships her feet she dives right in. She licks and sucks Taras soles and toes for several minutes doing her best to make her step mom happy but will it be good enough? This is the foot Worship scene that was not included in Step Mommie Dearest on Jw ties bondage and fetish


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