First Time Footgirls Clip Of The Week: Double Agent Tickle Revenge

Commander Schuzoff (Lydia) has been tricked into hiring a secretary, who’s actually a double agent (Dre). The evil military madwoman is taken captive by her subordinate and tickled on her hypersensitive bare feet. The agent is looking for files that the commander has stolen from her agency and isn’t taking “I don’t know” for an answer! If you like seeing a sexy, cruel bitch come undone from foot-tickling, don’t miss this one!

Phermone X

Pt. 4: Amadahy’s Interrogation!
Ticklante has finally caught up with Colonel Amadahy! She knows who the head of Project Pheromone X is, but she doesn’t plan on being cooperative. Fortunately, the tied up colonel’s ticklish bare feet seem to have plans of their own and Ticklante is more than happy to help!

The domineering Amadahy is doomed, as her composure begins to crumble, with the mere removal of her shoes! She tries to be bold as the feather strokes her vulnerable soles, but the laughing, begging and screaming, amidst Ticklante’s tickling and taunting (Amadahy HATES being taunted), assures the dark hero’s success!

Of course, her cooperation does NOT mean that her wiggling, squirming tootsies will be shown any mercy! Ticklante really turns up the heat, when he uses his fingernails and the dreaded oil and hair brush combo! He even forces Amadahy to tell him which tickle tool she hates the most!

Who’s heading up Project Pheromone X? Which tickle tool does Amadahy hate the most? Find out here and enjoy the ticklish plight of a dominant woman, who, in real life, DOES NOT get tied up! Now we know why!

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Project Eve Part 5

Tickled Imposter! (1080)
Last episode, Ticklante had arrived, just in time to stop his female counterpart, the Ticklista (Chosmira), as she terrorized executive assistant, Kitty Kinnetic, at Perfect Fit Shoes. The two masked tickle ninjas fight it out and Ticklista finds herself on the losing end, after losing a shoe! Her unshod foot is the key to her comeuppance, as Ticklante tickles her into complete submission!

Soon, the villainous imposter is bound and tickle interrogated! Feathers and fingernails on her super-sensitive soles and wiggling toes, both from Ticklante and from Ticklista’s former victim, send the sexy lady villain into gales of panicked laughter and pleas for mercy!

Though, she claimed to be searching for Perfect Fit Shoes new shoe designs, we discover her true target is something that’s been hidden in the designs … something that Ticklante will want VERY badly! The tickle intrigue and foot-filled espionage continues!

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Elan Asks For Pantyhose Foot Tickling

“I love having my feet tickled, will you guys please tickle me!?” Elan loves it when her friends tickle her feet and she loves it even more when they are covered in pantyhose! Elan is ultra-ticklish and though she might love ther rush she gets after being tickled, she soon regrets asking Dacy and Danica to tickle her in the moment! Tickle Tickle Elan!

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Chi Chi’s Ticklish Feet

Were Made For Licking

Tiny Chi Chi Medina has some very ticklish size 7 feet and some pretty cute stories about being tickled by her dad too. After Bridget starts tickling her feet she can’t resist licking them for the first time. Her tongue tickles almost as much as her fingers as she devours Chi Chis soles. After a thorough worship session Bridget tickles them a bit more for good measure.

Corporate Spy Nylon Tickle

We LOVE to tickle dominatrices and 1st timers, here at FTKL Images! This time, we’ve outdone ourselves with Eurasian domme, Miss Jasmine from Vancouver, Canada ( ), in her FIRST EVER tickling video!

Lisa Ling (Miss Jasmine) has been sent on a business trip, by her firm. Little does she know, her superiors are aware that she’s a corporate spy, looking to trade stolen company files with a rival corporation and have sent the unassuming Mr. Phillips (FTKL) along, to be her valet and keep an eye on her. The bitchy Ms. Ling can’t stand Phillips and looks to put him in his place, by giving him menial tasks and forcing him to rub her feet. Phillips sees through her scheme and manages to capture the mean-spirited, Asian villainess.

Soon, Ms. Ling wakes to find herself bound and not as in control as she thought she was! Earlier, she was foolish enough to tell Phillips that she does her own pedicures because, in her words, “Those salons hire sadists!” Phillips deduces the catty bitch’s fatal weakness and begins tickling her sheer black nyloned foot! Ms. Ling immediately loses it, as sharp fingernails skitter over her size 9.5 nylon-clad sole!

She reacts so violently that she accidentally kicks off her other shoe! Now both curvy, squirming, hypersensitive stockinged feet dance at Phillips’ ticklish command! The once bitchy Ms. Ling begs and swears she’ll be nicer to Phillips, but it’s too late! Phillips is a company man and no woman with feet as pretty and ticklish as Ms. Ling’s stands a chance of getting away with stealing company secrets! Check out this hot new vid (and hot new ticklee) now!

Cameron Canadas Ticklish Feet

Are Really Ticklish

Young Cameron Canada has some very sexy and tiny feet. As it turns out they are very ticklish. When I finally convince her to let me take off her shoes and try I can see why she tried not to let me. Her soles are so ticklish the slightest touch makes her laugh and jerk away violently. After struggling to tickle them several times and making her laugh and squirm I decided it was time to tie her down and really get her good.


Sage Has Ticklish Feet

19 yr old Sage Evans has never been tickled on camera and when Bridget finds out it’s game on. Apparently Sage was tickled alot when she was younger and tells a cute story before Bridget cuts loose on her size 9 soles. Sage starts giggling right away and soon shes struggling to get away. Bridget tries to settle her down by licking her feet for the first time but her tongue tickles Sages soles and toes too. Bridget grabs hold of both ankles tightly and really gets her laughing like crazy before she decides it’s time to tie her up.