New Student Seduction

Violet is new on campus as the dorm supervisor makes a quick check on the newbie to make sure she’s adjusting OK. The think is, Allura has a thing for her younger residents and she can’t help but make a move. She caresses Violet and strokes her fingers thru her hair. Allura attacks Violet and begins heavily making out with her with lots of tongue. Violet admits she doesn’t think they should be doing that but Allura insists that it’s OK! Violet becomes comfortable and exchanges the kisses with even more aggression. They make out as if they are going to eat each others faces, and shove their tongues down each others throats.

That’s not all… Violet admits she’s been looking at Allura’s feet and she wants to worship them! The two begin aggressively licking and sucking each others soles until so much time has passed that they become nervous that someone might catch them!

Bedtime For Allegra A Sleepy Feet Fantasy

Bedtime for Allegra
Simona is nannying Allegra tonight and to put her to sleep she gives her a little foot massage… Allegra is so tired from the bedtime stories earlier so she falls asleep quickly. Simona can’t get enough of her feet though… so before Allegra’s parents come home she decides to worship the sleeping beauties perfect slender size 8 feet.

Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo- And Other free foot videos

So as many of you know we attended the AVN expo in Las Vegas this year and had a blast. Not only did we witness the return of the lovely and ticklish Taylor Raz to working for producers again we also got to shoot with some well known pornstars. While we were at the clips4sale booth we recorded some very hot videos for our youtube channel: JWTIESONCLIPS4SALE We have added a few below and also one that youtube might have flagged. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to visit our sponsors by clicking the banners below.

Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo

Taylor Raz Returns

Pocahontas Jones on Spanking




First Time Foot Girl Alyssa Branch

Sexy 20 year old Alyssa Branch joined Taylor Raz for her first time experience with us. During her interview Taylor discovers that Alyssa has size 8 feet that have never been worshipped. Knowing how much Taylor likes feet we knew the minute she stripped of Alyssas sock and sniffed her feet this was going to be hot. Taylor worships and tickles Alyssas soles and toes making her laugh and struggle but she cant get away. Taylor finds every single spot on Alyssas feet and even goes after her ribs in this hot scene recorded during a live broadcast on The Ticklechat.





Isobels Pantyhosed Feet Are Pampered


Isabel has been working all day and her new girlfriend is waiting for her at home. Simona and Isabel have such a hot sub dom fetish based relationship… Isabel loves to bark orders and get pampered while Simona has a raging pantyhose foot fetish and loves to please! Simona SOAKS her girlfriends pantyhose and enjoys every second, until Isabel is finished with her!


Loosen Up – Foot Worship Part 1

Luminous is a teachers aid and she’s helping to grade papers when bad girl, Violet, stumbles in and tries to get Luminous to cheat and look up their next test answers on the teachers computer. Luminous is a conservative, good girl and she doesn’t want to hurt her reputation or lose her position. Violet is persistant and lets Luminous know just how beautiful she thinks she is. Luminous is clearly uncomfortable and wants Violet to leave… but Violet corners her schoolgirl friend and plants a big messy kiss on her. Luminous quickly succumbs to her lesbian desires and begins aggressively and passionately making out with Violet. (PREVIOUSLY SEEN ON ) This scene opens where Luminous confesses something to her naughty persuasive school girl friend… “You wanted me to let loose… well how about this… I have a foot fetish and I want to worship your feet!” Violet is excited to see this conservative school girl get loose and naughty and kinky!! Luminous removes her friends shoe and deeply inhales before smelling her socked feet and then worshiping her bare soles. Luminous sucks her toes which are overly sensitive! She continues her passionate footworship session until Violet inturrupts her and offers to worship Luminous’ feet in return! TO BE CONTINUED…

Foot Tickling Punishment

Screw Your Pedicure
We Need To Get Paid

Catherine, Taylor and Elizabeth have been living together for awhile. The bills have been getting harder to pay because Catherine is always late. When they ask her for the rent money she tells them she needs a week or 2 then proceeds to show off her new pedicure. Catherine goes to take a nap and the girls decide to teach her a lesson. Taylor and Elizabeth tie her to the bed then start tickling her. They remove her shoes so they can use their fingers, lips and tongues to tickle her feet. Catherine begs them to stop but they lick suck and tickle her toes and soles until she agrees to pay the rent and past due balances.

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