Tay’s Revenge on Alexis @xotaylorrazxo

Alexis is watching TV when suddenly jumped by an intruder and knocked out. This recently happened to Tay by Alexis and she’s getting revenge! She ties up Alexis and duct tapes her mouth so she can’t hear her complain. Alexis comes too and Tay begins worshiping her delicious meaty soles and sucking on her scrumptious toes! Alexis doesn’t like this as she struggles and muffles sounds of disgust thru her tape gag. Tay’s not finished with her fun on Alexis. She tickles her! She first tickles her feet and toes but soon finds out her upper body is even more ticklish. She ungags her and tickles her mercilessly. Tay loves hearing Alexis laugh and tortures her even worse getting her belly, thighs, and armpits! Tay knows her time is running short before someone gets suspicious so she knocks her out again and leaves her tied up and .

Robin becomes Poison Ivy’s Foot Slave @xotaylorrazxo

Poison Ivy has broken into a home to find out a secret internet code to take over the world of the interwebs. But Robin has come to save the world and stop Ivy. Ivy is too quick and blows her magical dust into her face to make her weak and to make her fall completely mindless and under Ivy’s control. She makes Robin become her foot slave and promise to do her evil bidding. She’s hers forever!  

Bailey’s Sleepy Sensual Tickles @xotaylorrazxo

Bailey is sleeping and possibly even having a sensual dream. Simona and Tay decide to pick on her and begin to tickle her tiny little sleeping feert. She doesn’t wake up, it only seems to make her fall deeper and deeper asleep and make her dream more intense! Watch her little toes wiggle and soles wrinkle as Tay and Simona sneakily scrape their nails along her bare feet.

Simona forgot her feet are Tay’s playtoy @xotaylorrazxo

This is a continuation from THIS SCENE Tay is sitting on the couch and Simona is about to walk out the door, heading to the mall. Since Tay’s last encounter tying her up, there was an agreement that she could have Simona’s feet as much and as often as she wanted. So even though she thinks she’s about to go shopping, Tay has other plans. So when Tay tells Simona that she wants to play with her feet, she’s not happy and complains that she’s running late and pleads with Tay not to have her feet now, but Tay won’t take no for an answer. When Tay finally asks her to recite (what Tay made her say through her gag last time) that she can have her feet whenever she wanted to, She reluctantly sits down as Tay asks for her to put her feet on her lap and Tay removes her shoes revealing her sexy feet. Tay starts by rubbing her feet, enjoying the fact that she knows she is annoyed. Tay starts to kiss her soles and now she starts telling her, again, how she doesn’t like her feet to be touched and can’t believe you are making her do this. Tay threatens her that if she continues to protest and if her feet start squirming that she will get the rope and gag again. Sure enough she can’t stop complaining and moving her feet too so Tay ties her ankles together and hands behind her back. Tay sits her back down and continues to worship, kissing her soles and sucking on her toes, putting all 5 in her mouth at once knowing how much she hates having her toes full of saliva. Sure enough she keeps complaining so she is cleave-gagged on scene and Tay places her on her stomach, putting her feet, soles up, on the arm of the couch. Now with her immobilized and gagged Tay goes to town on her soles, long licks and lots of kisses. After Tay has had her fun, she adds a little tickling to again show her how this is going to work. Tay tickles her soles relentlessly, asking her yell through her gag ” you have have my feet whenever you want!” Tay has her say it some more just to hammer it home. The scene ends with Tay kissing her soles and untying her…and now she can go to the mall..hopefully learning her lesson.

2013Top Tickler Competition FULL VIDEO @FTKL

Brought to you straight from Fetish Con 2013! This is the first in what will be a series of tickle competitions to be held around the country, courtesy of JW Ties! This 30-minute collaboration is brought to you by JW, Shy and Wild Tickling and FTKL Images!

New ticklee, Logan Lace is tickled silly by Florida’s top competitors, chosen by YOU, THE FANS! Catherine Foxx, Whitney Morgan, Charlee Chase and Taylor Raz all unleash their tickle fury on little Ms. Lace! Who wins? YOU DO, if you buy this vid! Proceeds go to charity, plus FTKL Images will match your purchase of this vid with a free full-movie video of your choice!

But, don’t wait! This vid will only be here, for the month of September! We’ve even offered it at the lowest price c4s will allow, so everyone can get it! (800×500)

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Jasmines Sneaky Work Tickles From @xotaylorrazxo


Jasmine is extremely busy with work and her coworker knows just how stressed she is. As Jasmine is on the phone with her boss, Tay sneaks in and lightly tickles her feet, making her giggle a bit. But she can’t stay focused on the phone too long as Tay’s tickles get more and more aggressive. Jasmine hangs up the phone and Tay instantly grabs her big beautiful latina feet and tickles them mercilessly.Jasmine’s laugh is so addictive, how could anyone not love to watch her get tickled non stop. But when her boss calls back it’s time to get serious again. NO MORE TICKLES! But Tay might think otherwise.

Taylor Raz Gives Foot Worshipping Interview

Taylor Raz has Vanessa cage in for an interview. During the interview process Vanessa abruptly asks Vanessa if she can worship feet well. Vanessa is shocked and cannot believe what she is being asked. Vanessa does not know what to say. Taylor lets her know that if she can worship her feet to her liking she will get the job. Vanessa really needs this job and is willing to do whatever it takes. Taylor then slips off her heels and shoves her nylon clad foot in Vanessa’s face. Taylor instructs how she wants her feet worshiped which consist of smelling, licking and kissing every inch of her nylon soles. Taylor lays back as both of her high arched feet are pampered by Vanessa. Taylor continues this foot loving interview as Taylor lays back and has her feet properly worshiped.

Available on The Foot Obsession

New Student Seduction

Violet is new on campus as the dorm supervisor makes a quick check on the newbie to make sure she’s adjusting OK. The think is, Allura has a thing for her younger residents and she can’t help but make a move. She caresses Violet and strokes her fingers thru her hair. Allura attacks Violet and begins heavily making out with her with lots of tongue. Violet admits she doesn’t think they should be doing that but Allura insists that it’s OK! Violet becomes comfortable and exchanges the kisses with even more aggression. They make out as if they are going to eat each others faces, and shove their tongues down each others throats.

That’s not all… Violet admits she’s been looking at Allura’s feet and she wants to worship them! The two begin aggressively licking and sucking each others soles until so much time has passed that they become nervous that someone might catch them!

Bedtime For Allegra A Sleepy Feet Fantasy

Bedtime for Allegra
Simona is nannying Allegra tonight and to put her to sleep she gives her a little foot massage… Allegra is so tired from the bedtime stories earlier so she falls asleep quickly. Simona can’t get enough of her feet though… so before Allegra’s parents come home she decides to worship the sleeping beauties perfect slender size 8 feet.

Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo- And Other free foot videos

So as many of you know we attended the AVN expo in Las Vegas this year and had a blast. Not only did we witness the return of the lovely and ticklish Taylor Raz to working for producers again we also got to shoot with some well known pornstars. While we were at the clips4sale booth we recorded some very hot videos for our youtube channel: JWTIESONCLIPS4SALE We have added a few below and also one that youtube might have flagged. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to visit our sponsors by clicking the banners below.

Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo

Taylor Raz Returns

Pocahontas Jones on Spanking