Isobels Pantyhosed Feet Are Pampered


Isabel has been working all day and her new girlfriend is waiting for her at home. Simona and Isabel have such a hot sub dom fetish based relationship… Isabel loves to bark orders and get pampered while Simona has a raging pantyhose foot fetish and loves to please! Simona SOAKS her girlfriends pantyhose and enjoys every second, until Isabel is finished with her!


Foot Worship Blackmail

Foot Worship Blackmail
Mika’s Busted

Mika is in her dorm room when another student, Matt, drops by. He caught Mika cheating on an exam and has just the leverage he needs. Mika tries to get out of it but Matt tells her that the only way she can is if she lets him worship her stockinged feet and a few other demands. Mika agrees to let him as long as he won’t tell.

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