First Time Foot Girl Chase

Has Really Tasty Soles

Chase Ryder is 22 years old and has never had her feet worshipped but Logan is about to remedy that. After a brief interview Logan removes Chases flip-flops and begins to rub her foot. When Logan begins to lick and nibble on her feet Chase isn’t sure what to think. The more attention Logan gives her sexy feet the more Chase begins to enjoy it, even with the occasional tickle between the toes she has a great first time.



Taylor Raz Gives Foot Worshipping Interview

Taylor Raz has Vanessa cage in for an interview. During the interview process Vanessa abruptly asks Vanessa if she can worship feet well. Vanessa is shocked and cannot believe what she is being asked. Vanessa does not know what to say. Taylor lets her know that if she can worship her feet to her liking she will get the job. Vanessa really needs this job and is willing to do whatever it takes. Taylor then slips off her heels and shoves her nylon clad foot in Vanessa’s face. Taylor instructs how she wants her feet worshiped which consist of smelling, licking and kissing every inch of her nylon soles. Taylor lays back as both of her high arched feet are pampered by Vanessa. Taylor continues this foot loving interview as Taylor lays back and has her feet properly worshiped.

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Elan Kane in Leg Warmers Tease

The adorable & beautiful Asian princess Elan Kane stopped by the FunHouse today to show us some of her sexy little outfits. One of the best from today’s selection was Elan’s very sexy black lingerie that just looked amazing on her. As you will see, the lingerie just compliments her sexy little body so nice and you are guaranteed to really enjoy the view as you watch the clip. But the most exciting part of this shoot was miss Elan Kane showing off her sexy black leg warmers that looked perfect on those sexy legs of hers. She really enjoyed showing them off, she rolled them down and then back up her legs just knowing how much of a tease that is for everyone at home watching this. She even moves that sexy little body on that big bed like she owns it, just knowing how much we are enjoying the view of her sexiness. And being the good girl she is, she even showed off those sexy little feet to the camera and even some very sexy views of that booty of hers. This is definitely one of our favorite shoots with the lovely Elan Kane and we hope you’ll agree!


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First Time Foot Girl Issa Rose


Worshiped And Tickled

Barely legal 18 year old Issa Rose has the cutest size 7 feet Alexis has ever seen. After finding out that Issa has never had her feet worshiped and tickled Alexis removes her boots and socks to have some fun. Just the feeling of Alexis licking her feet gets Issa laughing and struggling but when she sucks her toes things get really hot. After seeing how sensitive Issas feet are Alexis has to use her nails on them a bit and really drives her wild before she decides it’s time to tie her down.

First Time Foot Girls Presents Layla Lopez

Foot worshiped By A Girl

Sexy Layla Lopez has some very cute feet and rumor has it they are ticklish too. Pocahontas discovers they have never been worshiped by a girl and is overjoyed to be her first. She lightly tickles Laylas feet making her giggle then begins to lick her feet. From heel to toe Pocahontas covers every inch and every now and then remembers to tickle them too.Check out Laylas sexy size 9s being worshiped today.


Isobels Pantyhosed Feet Are Pampered


Isabel has been working all day and her new girlfriend is waiting for her at home. Simona and Isabel have such a hot sub dom fetish based relationship… Isabel loves to bark orders and get pampered while Simona has a raging pantyhose foot fetish and loves to please! Simona SOAKS her girlfriends pantyhose and enjoys every second, until Isabel is finished with her!


Chi Chi’s Ticklish Feet

Were Made For Licking

Tiny Chi Chi Medina has some very ticklish size 7 feet and some pretty cute stories about being tickled by her dad too. After Bridget starts tickling her feet she can’t resist licking them for the first time. Her tongue tickles almost as much as her fingers as she devours Chi Chis soles. After a thorough worship session Bridget tickles them a bit more for good measure.

Corporate Spy Nylon Tickle

We LOVE to tickle dominatrices and 1st timers, here at FTKL Images! This time, we’ve outdone ourselves with Eurasian domme, Miss Jasmine from Vancouver, Canada ( ), in her FIRST EVER tickling video!

Lisa Ling (Miss Jasmine) has been sent on a business trip, by her firm. Little does she know, her superiors are aware that she’s a corporate spy, looking to trade stolen company files with a rival corporation and have sent the unassuming Mr. Phillips (FTKL) along, to be her valet and keep an eye on her. The bitchy Ms. Ling can’t stand Phillips and looks to put him in his place, by giving him menial tasks and forcing him to rub her feet. Phillips sees through her scheme and manages to capture the mean-spirited, Asian villainess.

Soon, Ms. Ling wakes to find herself bound and not as in control as she thought she was! Earlier, she was foolish enough to tell Phillips that she does her own pedicures because, in her words, “Those salons hire sadists!” Phillips deduces the catty bitch’s fatal weakness and begins tickling her sheer black nyloned foot! Ms. Ling immediately loses it, as sharp fingernails skitter over her size 9.5 nylon-clad sole!

She reacts so violently that she accidentally kicks off her other shoe! Now both curvy, squirming, hypersensitive stockinged feet dance at Phillips’ ticklish command! The once bitchy Ms. Ling begs and swears she’ll be nicer to Phillips, but it’s too late! Phillips is a company man and no woman with feet as pretty and ticklish as Ms. Ling’s stands a chance of getting away with stealing company secrets! Check out this hot new vid (and hot new ticklee) now!

Luna Will Do Anything

To get the Job

Little Luna has been trying to find a job and finally gets an interview. Jane goes over her resume and likes what she sees but she is more interested in her applicants feet. She tells Luna she can have the job as long as she can lick and tickle them and Luna agrees. Jane licks and nibbles Lunas tiny ticklish soles making her giggle then uses her fingers to tickle them too. After Luna displays enough willingness Jane welcomes her to the company.

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