Lickling Catherines Feet

Malice wants to have a bit of fun with Catherines ticklish soles so she peels off her socks and starts nibbling them. The licking and tickling make Catherine laugh and even moan as the sensations begin to turn her on. Malice licks sucks and tickles both of Catherines feet and even goes after her butt a few times before she is satisfied that Catherine had a footgasm.

Ticklish Ballerina

Inga is a very sexy MILF from our area. When she came in for an interview Malice just had to check out her feet in the cute rainbow socks she wore. It turns out Inga was tickled quite a bit by her brothers so this was going to be fun. Malice notices her arches and discovers she used to study ballet too. Once Malices fingers touch her soles Inga starts laughing and struggling to get away and thats with the socks on. After a few minutes Malice removes the socks and goes after her bare soles really driving Inga crazy.

Amanda Bryant Has Ticklish Feet

Amanda Bryants Feet Quicktime
Tickled In Stocks

Amanda Bryant is a sexy young blonde with some very cute feet. She had never been tickled in stocks before so we started her out wearing socks to ease her into the session. As soon as I started tickling her foot with my nails her sock came off exposing her very sensitive bare soles. Amanda is soo ticklish it’s hard to keep her still when my fingers hit her other foot but she really goes nuts when I tickle both at once.

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Asian Teen Stocked In Socks To Tickle

When Tii was here for her most recent shoot we had a few fan requests for her to be tickled in socks. Catherine has her locked in the stocks and begins tickling her feet through the socks getting Tii to laugh and struggle. After a few minutes Catherine wants to have some fun with her bare soles so she cuts the socks off and really digs her nails in to Tii’s soles and toes.

Autumns Tiny Ticklish Feet

Autumn Winters is a tiny ticklish girl that has been in several different scenes for us. She likes tickling girls and guys but what she really enjoys is having her feet worshipped. In her newest release you get to hear about a few childhood adventures she had with tickling and watch Catherine remove her shoes, sniff her socks then lick her bare soles before tickling them. This is one scene you won’t want to miss.

Autumn Winters Ticklish Feet HD
Need To Be Licked

Tiny Autumn Winters is very ticklish and Catherine wants to have some fun. After hearing about her adventures with her cousins tickling her when she was younger Catherine gets her out of her shoes and sniffs her socked feet. She tickles Autumn through the socks and gets her laughing then removes them to lick and nibble her sexy soles. In between long licks and bites Catherine tickles her feet making her laugh and struggle alot until she finally decides to tie her down for more intense tickling.

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Foot Slave Training By A Bratty Teen

JC Simpson Trains Her Foot Slave

Brats Require Proper Worship

JC Simpson has very sexy feet and guys constantly asking to be her foot slave. Today one shows up to see her and the asshole was late, then he tried to touch the sexy brats feet without permission. JC swiftly reprimands the loser then makes him remove her shoes and socks to worship her dirty feet. She sticks them in his face making him smell them before ordering him to lick and suck every inch. Several times she has to instruct him before she finally dismisses him to do her dishes as punishment for being late.
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