Kendra Hearts Sexy Size 8 Feet

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Midwest farmers daughter Kendra Heart has very sexy soles and she knows how to use them. Not only are they soft but she also has what we affectionately call monkey toes. They’re perfect for givving footjobs and much more.Check out her first footjob scene ever on her clip store Kendra Hearts Desires and look for more hot foot scenes soon. Also check out her free foot gallery here

Mommies Dirty Socks

Mommy has a little surprise for you, since you’ve been so good to mommy lately. You know how much I love when you make me feel good, and I wanted to give you a reward. It isn’t a secret how much you love my feet, I’ve heard you moaning late at night about my wrinkly soles and tiny toes when you think mommy’s all tucked away in bed.

See mommies socks? I’ve worn them around the house all day long, cooking and cleaning and even going on a walk outside in them. They have collected all of my sweat, building up in the stench. I can feel how moist they are, and how much is built up in them.. what should I do with them? I may give them to you for making mommy feel so good… if you keep it up.

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Jason Owes Rent @Roxie_Rae

WHITNEY and QUIN are sick of their room mate JASON never having rent and not having a job. Rent is due now and JASON still hasn’t paid and the girls are furious when he walks in from job hunting. WHITNEY and QUIN make JASON sit in front of their SMELLY FEET and then shove their SOCKED right in his nose. JASON is grossed out from the SMELL but BRAT GIRLS WHITNEY and QUIN are ready to punish him for not paying. WHITNEY and QUIN are going to make JASON pay one way or another as they force him to SNIFF their SOCKS and take in deep inhales of their SWEAT. WHITNEY holds JASON’S head to QUIN’S FEET torturing JASON. These girls are sick of always having to pay and want to make JASON sick from the SMELL of their SOCKS in his face as they lay him down and SMOTHER him in their SOCKS. When they think he’s had enough they shove their SOCKS in his nose and mouth more and make him taste the SWEATY SOCKS. Watch WHITNEY and QUIN as they DOMINATE JASON with their STINKY SOCKS.

Victorias Virgin Feet

Are Candles Tasty Treat

21 year old Victoria Quinn has never had her feet worshiped and for Candle that information is an open invitation. After a brief interview Candle starts to take off Victorias socks and after a bit of difficulty she tugs them off with her teeth. Candle sniffs every inch of her soles then licks and tickles them too. Victoria giggles and moans from the mixture of sensations but definitely enjoys her first time.

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Katie Cummings in You Love My Socks!

Are you staring at my socks again? That is the first thing the very sexy Katie Cummings asked when she was laying down on that big bed at The Funhouse today! She knows just how much we all love knee high socks on a sexy babe like her and it was such the perfect combination, real eye candy. Katie just loves showing off her sexy sock collection and today she was wearing these orange socks with black polka dots that complimented her legs so damn good. Let’s not forgot about the outfit to go with it, black lingerie 2 piece set that just showed off those big boobs and perfect booty perfectly. Well back to the socks as this was the showcase of the day with Katie Cummings. She just loved getting in all sorts of sexy positions for us to view those socks on her and she did a job well done with it. I think Katie’s favorite part was when she was laying face down and ass up with those socks being showed off so good but we couldn’t help it to stare at those buns as well. I think she just loves teasing us as she knows it’s done so well!

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First Time Foot Girl Alyssa Branch

Sexy 20 year old Alyssa Branch joined Taylor Raz for her first time experience with us. During her interview Taylor discovers that Alyssa has size 8 feet that have never been worshipped. Knowing how much Taylor likes feet we knew the minute she stripped of Alyssas sock and sniffed her feet this was going to be hot. Taylor worships and tickles Alyssas soles and toes making her laugh and struggle but she cant get away. Taylor finds every single spot on Alyssas feet and even goes after her ribs in this hot scene recorded during a live broadcast on The Ticklechat.





First Time Footgirls Presents Layla Raynes Tiny Feet

Laylas Tiny Feet

Are Really Really Ticklish

19 year old Layla has very tiny, size 5, feet and she tells us they are ticklish. After hearing a few of her adventures when she was younger Layla puts her socked feet on my lap. I removed the first one and as soon as my fingers hit her soles she went nuts. After a bit the other sock came off and I started tickling her other foot really making her struggle. When I got both feet at the same time, poor Layla nearly lost it. Her tiny feet are just that ticklish.