Mias Ticklish Piggies






Have Never Been Licked

Mia Mae is a sexy college girl that Logan met the other day and they started talking about tickling. During a brief interview Logan gets a few of Mias tickle spots out of her then begins to worship her virgin soles. Mia giggles and struggles so Logan starts to tickle her too. Mia goes nuts so Logan alternates between tickling and foot worship to keep her off guard. Mia has some really ticklish feet!!!

Whitney Morgans Ticklish Feet Return

The lovely and talented Ms Whitney Morgan returned to our studios the other day for a few very unique scenes and a live tickle shoot on Ticklechat.com. This sexy blonde is always alot of fun to be around and is ticklish too. During the live show we had Whitney tickled in a Strait Jacket that will be coming out today on WWW.JWTIESAMATEURS.COM and after the show we shot some hot taboo scenes too. Check out Whitneys interview below and look for her how scenes on Clips4sale

First Time Foot Girl Alyssa Branch

Sexy 20 year old Alyssa Branch joined Taylor Raz for her first time experience with us. During her interview Taylor discovers that Alyssa has size 8 feet that have never been worshipped. Knowing how much Taylor likes feet we knew the minute she stripped of Alyssas sock and sniffed her feet this was going to be hot. Taylor worships and tickles Alyssas soles and toes making her laugh and struggle but she cant get away. Taylor finds every single spot on Alyssas feet and even goes after her ribs in this hot scene recorded during a live broadcast on The Ticklechat.





First Time Foot Girl Issa Rose


Worshiped And Tickled

Barely legal 18 year old Issa Rose has the cutest size 7 feet Alexis has ever seen. After finding out that Issa has never had her feet worshiped and tickled Alexis removes her boots and socks to have some fun. Just the feeling of Alexis licking her feet gets Issa laughing and struggling but when she sucks her toes things get really hot. After seeing how sensitive Issas feet are Alexis has to use her nails on them a bit and really drives her wild before she decides it’s time to tie her down.

Dre’s Foot Confession to Stella & Riley

Dre has been hiding her foot fetish from her best friends for years and tonight is the night she is going to tell them! She’s been asking the girls to wear their hose for multiple days and she wanted them to wear sexy leotards and pantyhose not for halloween costumes for next year, but for her own pleasure. She tells her besties about her hidden fetish and they surprisingly are OK with the idea and allow her to smell their feet. Dre is in heaven! She then tells them they should try and smell their own feet too! WOW, her friends love it too! Soon they are all indulging in a girl on girl, best friend, foot obsession! Dre then tells them she wants to lick them too! Soon after, they decide they want to try it as well!! They rip the pantyhose off and indulge in each others bare feet too. What bliss! Next time they should invite another friend in for a 4-some!

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Loosen Up – Foot Worship Part 1

Luminous is a teachers aid and she’s helping to grade papers when bad girl, Violet, stumbles in and tries to get Luminous to cheat and look up their next test answers on the teachers computer. Luminous is a conservative, good girl and she doesn’t want to hurt her reputation or lose her position. Violet is persistant and lets Luminous know just how beautiful she thinks she is. Luminous is clearly uncomfortable and wants Violet to leave… but Violet corners her schoolgirl friend and plants a big messy kiss on her. Luminous quickly succumbs to her lesbian desires and begins aggressively and passionately making out with Violet. (PREVIOUSLY SEEN ON www.taylorsfetishemporium.com ) This scene opens where Luminous confesses something to her naughty persuasive school girl friend… “You wanted me to let loose… well how about this… I have a foot fetish and I want to worship your feet!” Violet is excited to see this conservative school girl get loose and naughty and kinky!! Luminous removes her friends shoe and deeply inhales before smelling her socked feet and then worshiping her bare soles. Luminous sucks her toes which are overly sensitive! She continues her passionate footworship session until Violet inturrupts her and offers to worship Luminous’ feet in return! TO BE CONTINUED…

Cherrys Sexy Feet

Cherrys Sexy Feet HD
Are Mrs Roses Tasty Treat

After a long day at work Mrs Rose comes home and sits on the couch to chat with her babysitter Cherry. She notices Cherrys sexy feet and talks her into letting her worship them. Mrs Rose starts licking Cherrys toes and the feeling makes the young girl smile. When Mrs Rose licks them both Cherry can’t contain her excitement and moans softly. Mrs Rose licks her feet and sucks her toes til they both start getting turned on and have to head for the bedroom.

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