The Interns New Job!

Ms. Harper’s new intern Sadie isn’t doing a very good job with her new position and Ms. Harper isn’t very happy about it! Hope calls Sadie into her office to put her in her place and give her a little training for her new job. Sadie desperate to keep employment is willing to do EXACTLY what Ms. Harper says. Including rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking & totally worshipping Ms. Harper’s tiny feet!

Gang Initiation – 3 Girl Foot Smother

Macy and Sadie are two sexy gang members of the pink ladies. These sexy girls are trying to initiate Lady Bell but they need to see if she has what it takes. Pink ladies never take from any loser man and often use there feet to humiliate and degrade them. Lady wants in and jumps on the bed. Lady, Macy and Sadie all use there nylon clad soles to humiliate and foot smother him. The girls force him kiss and smell each one of there feet. Lady makes sure she does her part by getting forceful and grinding her soles hard on to his pathetic face. The girls use all6 of there feet to make him there foot bitch until they feel Lady is tough enough to join there gang.