Five Feathers a Hot Foot Tickling Series

The Five Feathers! Pt. 13: Karma of the Sole! (HD)
It turns out that Ticklante just wanted to have some foot worshiping fun with the evil Dr. Karma Kocho (Enchantress Sahrye) and hadn’t really been turned into her slave. Now, much to her chagrin, he has captured and tied her up! Her bare and EXTREMELY ticklish soles are now at his mercy and the sexy little villainess has ABSOLUTE ZERO fortitude, when it comes to having her feet tickled!

Ticklante starts her off with one of the Five Sacred Feathers, which is already more than her twitching, squirming tootsies can handle, but it only gets worse from there! His fingernails probe her delicate heels, curvy arches and beneath her wiggly toes! Our hero wants to know why Dr. Kocho wanted the Five Feathers and refuses to let an uppity seductress with hyperticklish feet stand in his way!

And just when the laugh-addled, breathless temptress thinks it’s over … THE OIL AND BRUSH COME OUT! (Note: Sahrye REALLY hates the brush!) What secrets will Dr. Kocho reveal? (Cuz, you KNOW she’s going to talk!) Find out now! (HD)

Luna Will Do Anything

To get the Job

Little Luna has been trying to find a job and finally gets an interview. Jane goes over her resume and likes what she sees but she is more interested in her applicants feet. She tells Luna she can have the job as long as she can lick and tickle them and Luna agrees. Jane licks and nibbles Lunas tiny ticklish soles making her giggle then uses her fingers to tickle them too. After Luna displays enough willingness Jane welcomes her to the company.

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Worship Step Mommies Feet

Worship Step-Mommies Feet HD

And You Might Get To Go Out

Whitney has been grounded for almost a week and she is dying to go out. Her step Mommie Tara is resting on the couch watching tv when Whitney comes in and begs her to let her go out. Whitney is so eager to go out with her friends when Step Mommie tells her she may let her if she worships her feet she dives right in. She licks and sucks Taras soles and toes for several minutes doing her best to make her step mom happy but will it be good enough? This is the foot Worship scene that was not included in Step Mommie Dearest on Jw ties bondage and fetish


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