Taylor Raz Gives Foot Worshipping Interview

Taylor Raz has Vanessa cage in for an interview. During the interview process Vanessa abruptly asks Vanessa if she can worship feet well. Vanessa is shocked and cannot believe what she is being asked. Vanessa does not know what to say. Taylor lets her know that if she can worship her feet to her liking she will get the job. Vanessa really needs this job and is willing to do whatever it takes. Taylor then slips off her heels and shoves her nylon clad foot in Vanessa’s face. Taylor instructs how she wants her feet worshiped which consist of smelling, licking and kissing every inch of her nylon soles. Taylor lays back as both of her high arched feet are pampered by Vanessa. Taylor continues this foot loving interview as Taylor lays back and has her feet properly worshiped.

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Tickled Theiving Ex-Wife

Snooty heiress, Suri Atherton (Jasmine Shy) is about to collect a fortune from her late ex-husband’s estate. But first, the executor of her ex-husband’s will has been charged with the task of putting the elitist little bitch through a test. Suri was notorious for blowing her ex-hubby’s money on shoes, so now she must survive for an evening without them. Little does she know, part of the test includes being tied up and tickled mercilessly on her pampered, little feet! All she has to do is NOT beg for her shoes and she’ll be set for life! But, that may be easier said than done, as feathers and fingernails torment her super-soft soles and twitching, ticklish toes! Can the ill-tempered, ticklish rich bitch hold out? Watch for the surprise ending! (HD)

Dacy Likes The New Employee

Dacy Likes The New Employee
remember when dacy and tay forced the new hire, Eve to worship their feet? Well Dacy has a massive foot fetish herself that she’s been hiding from tay. She goes into Eve’s office to see how she’s doing with her new job and when she isn’t in there she snoops thru her desk only to find some pantyhose! Dacy smells them and gets arroused but she hears Eve’s footsteps so she dashes under the desk to hide! Eve doesn’t notice Dacy down there and Dacy leans forward to try and smell Eve’s perfect sweaty stinky size 6 feet. After a few minutes Eve catches her!! Eve calls her out and threatens to tell Tay that DACY was smelling the new hires feet! Dacy begs and asks her to PLEASE not tell Tay! Will she? Maybe not… IF Dacy worships the new hires feet! Eve forces Dacy to worship her feet in order to keep their little secret. Dacy enjoys it so much… well, not being given orders by Eve, but she sure as hell loves Eve’s amazing feet! Eve sends Dacy away as she thnks Dacy has had enough fun. Hopefully Tay won’t find out!

Naughty Attorneys

Red Ameland is a sexy defense Attorney who is trying to get the charges reduced for her client (who is a family member) from a felony to a misdemeanor. She has a scheduled meeting with FL prosecuting Attorney Lela Beryl. The scene opens with Ameland in the office telling Lela she needs a favor and its unethical but she was wandering could the charges be reduced to a lesser offense. Prosecutor Lela is flabbergasted and says she cannot put her career in jeopardy and is offended by the offer and considers reporting Red to the bar! But Lela has second thoughts as her horny foot fetish desires kick in. Lela has been eyeing Red’s sexy size 9’s for quite some time and has been masturbating about her feet and she has her own proposition! Lela lets Red know if she can worship her pantyhose feet she will reconsider reducing the charges. Red obliges and Lela comes over to Red and takes off her shoes and gets on her knees and takes off Red’s pumps and devours Red’s sexy pantyhose toes on her knees for the next few minutes before getting more comfortable on the futon couch and continuing her assault on this sexy vixen’s feet for the another few minutes before Red propositions Lela- she loves how it feels and she has a bit of a foot fetish herself… maybe she can worship her pantyhose feet in return? After this steamy pantyhose worship session the decision has been made… charges dropped and case dismissed.