First Time Foot Girl Andrea Sky Has Ticklish Feet

Sexy redhead Andrea Sky has never had her size 6 1/2 feet tickled on camera before. After finding out she was tickled alot growing up and even by her husband at home I have to see for myself. When my fingers seek out the right spots she giggles and squirms but can’t get away. From her heels to her toes every inch gets tickled and theres even a few attacks on her very ticklish sides.

While she was here Andrea shot some very hot scenes for our other sites too. Check out all her first times in video by clicking the banners below.








Sage Has Ticklish Feet

19 yr old Sage Evans has never been tickled on camera and when Bridget finds out it’s game on. Apparently Sage was tickled alot when she was younger and tells a cute story before Bridget cuts loose on her size 9 soles. Sage starts giggling right away and soon shes struggling to get away. Bridget tries to settle her down by licking her feet for the first time but her tongue tickles Sages soles and toes too. Bridget grabs hold of both ankles tightly and really gets her laughing like crazy before she decides it’s time to tie her up.


Rene Wants Catherines Feet

After staring at Catherines feet while she was licking hers Rene wants to have some fun too. She takes off Catherines shoes and starts licking her feet from heel to toe. Catherine starts moaning as Rene begins to nibble and suck on her soles and toes. She covers every inch of Catherines feet many times sending waves of pleasure through her body. Rene savors every inch of Catherines soles even paying extra attention to each of her toes til both girls are so hot they have to head to the bedroom but thats another story.

Codi Has Ticklish Feet

Codi’s Ticklish Feet
Are Tashas Favorite Treat

When Codi started the cross country trip with her girlfriend she had no idea how she’d end up. Shortly after meeting Codi we put her in the stocks and tied her to the bed. Once she was secured we gave Tasha the go ahead and she started tickling Codi’s foot with her long French Manicured nails. Her fingers dance on her girlfriends feet and taunting her every time she begs for her to stop. Poor Codi gets tickled so hard she starts to loose her voice a bit but Tasha doesn’t care.

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Sandy’s Feet Worshiped At The Beach

Random Ticklish Girl Sandy
A Hot Local Find with Sexy Size 8 Feet

Sandy is a local girl Catherine met recently and got her to go to a secluded spot to get her feet worshiped. It turns out Sandy has some very ticklish feet. Catherine tickles them first with her nails then starts licking and nibbling her toes. Sandy goes nuts and keeps pulling her feet away but can’t get away from Catherines tongue and teeth for long.

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