Kaisey Deans First Time

Kaisey Deans Sexy Soles


Sexy newcomer Kaisey Dean made quite a splash in her first footjob scene:

Young Kaisey Dean has never given a footjob but expressed a willingness to try. As soon as her feet touch the cock you can tel shes a natural. Soles up and soles down Kaisey runs her sexy feet faster and faster. Her skillful pumping soon tires her legs so she finishes up with a massive cumshot on her virgin feet.

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Jessi Lopez Amazing Virgin Soles



Young Jessi is one of the cutest Latinas I’ve had the pleasure of working with. When we found out she had never given a footjob we knew we couldn’t pass this up. Anyway we also got to find out how ticklish her feet were a bit later in the day. You can find out more about Jessi and her scenes on JWTIES.COM or just click on her pic above.

Make Me Squirm Please @MimiROSEXXX


I’m bound to the table at your request and my feet are at your mercy. You know how ticklish my feet are so it is my pleasure to let you tickle them. Your fingers dance across my soles making me laugh and squirm but you keep going. Enjoying my reactions you move to my toes and heels really getting me squirming all over the place. Tickle me again soon sir!!


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Bribing Step Daddy for a Foot Licking ( @MiamiBratsXXX )


I caught my Step Dad smelling my shoes yesterday. It is really disgusting and my Mom is going to catch on. She’s going to divorce him, unless I help him out. I’ve had my eye on this new designer purse and he’s going to get it for me. My Mom must not have nice feet, so he can lick my feet if he will buy it for me. I’ve been walking around all day in my sandals and my feet are nice and sweaty. Wonder what my Mom would do if she walked in and caught us. As I put my feet in his mouth and he licks all the dirt off, I dream about my purse. I’ve never met anyone so disgusting! He does give a good foot cleaning. I won’t tell my Mom as long as I get that designer purse.


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Tickle Disobedience! Pt. 3: Poli-Tickle Agenda! @FTKL


Welcome a cast of newcomers … FOUR BRAND NEW MODELS! Councilwoman Vanity Valentine (Alexandra) is favored to win the Stilettoville mayoral election, but Plumenatti agents Midnight Nurse (RocInked) and Inspector Akai (Tessa Arias) want to show her who really runs the city! The sexy blonde politician is captured, hogtied and mercilessly tickled on her vulnerable, nylon-clad feet! Inspector Akai wants the giggling, squealing, laugh-addled councilwoman to reconsider the anti-vigilante bill, but Valentine favors the city’s costumed guardians. Unfortunately her scrunching, flexing, flailing feet don’t favor the tickle torment they’re enduring!

Meanwhile, Midnight Nurse catches one of Councilwoman Valentine’s bodyguards, a female cop (Angel) and ties her up, to make her give up info about the councilwoman’s security detail! Can Councilwoman Valentine hold out? Will someone rescue her? To be continued!


Foot Domination With Malice

Jerk That Tiny Toe Cock HD
Your tiny little dick reminds me of my pinkie toe. You know, in comparison, I think my toes are bigger than that sad thing you call a cock. I bet you’re just sweating bullets imagining jerking off in between my filthy feet. You make me sick, you perverted little fuck. I can only imagine how awful your life must be living with such a sad excuse for a cock.

Riley Reids Sexy Feet

Sexy 18 year old Riley Reid has some very ticklish and sexy feet. She removes her shoes for you and shows them off telling you just what she likes done to them. While she talks to you about them she wiggles her toes and wrinkles her soles for you to enjoy. Riley loves her feet so much she even smells and nibbles them herself.

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Miss Malice Loves The Feel Of Pantyhose

Pantyhose Feel Soo Good
As I was getting ready for an interview, I decided to take some time out and show my pantyhose clad legs and toes some love. Watch me as I caress each and every toe, massage my calves and thoroughly go over each leg. I wiggle my toes and rub them together, while marveling at how good it feels to wear pantyhose. Nothing feels quite as amazing as wearing pantyhose.

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