The Hunt For Natalya

Thanks to fan response, Inessa Joy (from the “Kicking and Screaming” series) has returned! Join her and Isabella DeVille, in this sitcom-style, VELLICATRICES UNLIMITED-inspired tickle-fest! Inessa stars as Ravyn Klaw, a Plumenatti special ops agent, accused of harboring a traitor. Super agent, Laughing Girl (Isabella), is sent to bring her in, but first, she’s determined to find out where Ravyn’s friend, Natalya, is hiding. She subdues the sexy brunette, in cartoon fashion, and unleashes her long, lacquered nails on Ravyn’s slender, nylon-clad, size 9 soles! But wait, it gets even worse, when the jester-like supervillainess uses her flexible toes to tickle Ravyn’s vulnerable armpits! Between the toes in her armpits and the nails on her super-sensitive, nylon soles, Ravyn writhes and squeaks and guffaws in ticklish agony! Will she survive this ordeal? (HD)

Autumns Tiny Ticklish Feet

Autumn Winters is a tiny ticklish girl that has been in several different scenes for us. She likes tickling girls and guys but what she really enjoys is having her feet worshipped. In her newest release you get to hear about a few childhood adventures she had with tickling and watch Catherine remove her shoes, sniff her socks then lick her bare soles before tickling them. This is one scene you won’t want to miss.

Autumn Winters Ticklish Feet HD
Need To Be Licked

Tiny Autumn Winters is very ticklish and Catherine wants to have some fun. After hearing about her adventures with her cousins tickling her when she was younger Catherine gets her out of her shoes and sniffs her socked feet. She tickles Autumn through the socks and gets her laughing then removes them to lick and nibble her sexy soles. In between long licks and bites Catherine tickles her feet making her laugh and struggle alot until she finally decides to tie her down for more intense tickling.

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Carissa Montgomery Likes Licking Feet

Carissa Montgomery is a very busty and ticklish milf that has a few weaknesses. One of which is licking sexy wrinkled soles. When we had her in for her second shoot we were in a hotel room for Fetishcon 2011. We brought her in with Taylor Raz and really took advantage of her desires as you can see below.

Carissas Sole Desire HD
Having Taylors Feet To Worship And Tickle

Carissa Montgomery has been waiting to get a chance to worship Taylors feet for awhile and when she finally gets the chance she is very excited. She starts licking her soles and when Taylor starts giggling she can’t help but tickle them a little. Carissa licks and nibbles each foot and really gets Taylor going when her tongue tickles between her toes. Carissa makes it a point to lick and suck each of her toes and even nibbles both feet at once.

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Teen Cindys First Foot Worship Session


Cindy’s Ticklish Feet HD
Are Catherines To Worship

Cindy is barely 18 and came in for her first shoot ever. When Catherine finds out she is ticklish it really gets interesting. She removes Cindy’s shoes and licks her soles for the first time making her giggle. Next thing you know Catherine is holding her toes with her mouth and tickling her soles as Cindy laughs and struggles to get away. After thoroughly tickling and worshiping her feet Catherine attacks her sides briefly to see how ticklish they are too.


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