The Secretary Pool

Three secretaries,hot one (Megan Jones), a tough one (Gloria Shynez) and the boss’s pet (newcomer Gabi) argue over which of them deserves a raise, during performance reviews. The argument gets heated and Gloria and Gabi tie up Megan. Gloria mercilessly tickles Megan’s sheer, black, nylon-covered feet, to make her tell the boss that she and Gabi deserve the raise. Some upperbody tickling as well. Stockinged soles scrunch and toes flex and curl, under Gloria’s beautifully-manicured long fingernails! Megan doesn’t stand a chance!

Megan Jones Stars In Urban Tickle Legends

Urban Tickle Legend! Pt. 1: Interrogation! (HD)
Three lady gangsters, Rosa Diabla (Megan Jones) of the High Steppers, Athena Zahn (Angel Marie) of the Glamazons and Linda Lawless (Gloria Shynez) of the Lookers, debate the possible identity of Stilettoville’s newest hero, the Ticklante. The debate soon turns into a brawl between Athena and Rosa. As the two Amazon lady crooks battle, Athena cheats and tickles Rosa’s armpits, after pinning her. Rosa manages to escape, but soon finds herself being crushed between Athena’s powerful thighs, in a scissorhold! But Rosa is not so easily beaten. She removes Athena’s shoes and goes after the 6 ft. Latina’s greatest weakness … her super-ticklish, nylon-clad, size 11 feet! However, before the fight is finished, Linda K.Os Athena from behind, as she laughs helplessly. Soon, the sexy Amazon is tied up and tickle-interrogated by both Linda and Rosa, who believe that Athena is the dreaded tickling vigilante! Is she? Find out now! Two ticklish victims, catfighting and all-over tickling! (HD)

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