First Time Foot Girl Issa Rose


Worshiped And Tickled

Barely legal 18 year old Issa Rose has the cutest size 7 feet Alexis has ever seen. After finding out that Issa has never had her feet worshiped and tickled Alexis removes her boots and socks to have some fun. Just the feeling of Alexis licking her feet gets Issa laughing and struggling but when she sucks her toes things get really hot. After seeing how sensitive Issas feet are Alexis has to use her nails on them a bit and really drives her wild before she decides it’s time to tie her down.

Give Me Those Toes

And Your Soles Too

Vanessa has always had a thing for JC Simpsons feet. One day they are sitting around the house and Vanessa can’t help but cut off the tips of JC’s socks to suck on her toes. After a minute she cuts off the other sock tip then the rest of the socks so she can lick JC’s soles too. Vanessas tongue licks all over JC’s feet turning her on to the point where she cuts Vanessas socks off too.

Sage Has Ticklish Feet

19 yr old Sage Evans has never been tickled on camera and when Bridget finds out it’s game on. Apparently Sage was tickled alot when she was younger and tells a cute story before Bridget cuts loose on her size 9 soles. Sage starts giggling right away and soon shes struggling to get away. Bridget tries to settle her down by licking her feet for the first time but her tongue tickles Sages soles and toes too. Bridget grabs hold of both ankles tightly and really gets her laughing like crazy before she decides it’s time to tie her up.


Loosen Up – Foot Worship Part 1

Luminous is a teachers aid and she’s helping to grade papers when bad girl, Violet, stumbles in and tries to get Luminous to cheat and look up their next test answers on the teachers computer. Luminous is a conservative, good girl and she doesn’t want to hurt her reputation or lose her position. Violet is persistant and lets Luminous know just how beautiful she thinks she is. Luminous is clearly uncomfortable and wants Violet to leave… but Violet corners her schoolgirl friend and plants a big messy kiss on her. Luminous quickly succumbs to her lesbian desires and begins aggressively and passionately making out with Violet. (PREVIOUSLY SEEN ON ) This scene opens where Luminous confesses something to her naughty persuasive school girl friend… “You wanted me to let loose… well how about this… I have a foot fetish and I want to worship your feet!” Violet is excited to see this conservative school girl get loose and naughty and kinky!! Luminous removes her friends shoe and deeply inhales before smelling her socked feet and then worshiping her bare soles. Luminous sucks her toes which are overly sensitive! She continues her passionate footworship session until Violet inturrupts her and offers to worship Luminous’ feet in return! TO BE CONTINUED…

Cousin Rachels Big Feet

Catherine convinced her distant cousin Rachel to come see her for a few days. While she was here she talked her into letting her tickle her feet. Before they get started Catherine discovers an interesting Christmas story from when Rachel was growing up. Catherine starts out by licking her cousins soles and Rachel enjoys it alot until Catherine starts nibbling. Apparently nibbling and finger nails really tickle Rachels feet and to get away she tickles Catherine in hopes she’ll let go. Little does she know Catherine likes to be tickled.

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Catherine Lickles Charlies Feet

Catherine Lickles Charlies Feet HD
For A Tasty Evening Treat

Charlie is spending the night at Catherines and is lying on the bed with her shoes off. Catherine can’t resist licking her bare soles and when she does it starts to tickle Charlie a bit. Catherine climbs on top of her to keep her from squirming away then starts nibbling and licking from heel to toe. Charlie struggles and laughs when Catherines tongue and teeth hit certain spots but Catherine won’t stop til she has had her fill.

Rene Wants Catherines Feet

After staring at Catherines feet while she was licking hers Rene wants to have some fun too. She takes off Catherines shoes and starts licking her feet from heel to toe. Catherine starts moaning as Rene begins to nibble and suck on her soles and toes. She covers every inch of Catherines feet many times sending waves of pleasure through her body. Rene savors every inch of Catherines soles even paying extra attention to each of her toes til both girls are so hot they have to head to the bedroom but thats another story.

Catherine Worships Serenes Feet

Serenes Ticklish Feet
Are Catherines Treat

Serene Isley has some very sexy feet and she is ticklish too. Catherine starts off the interview and discovers a few interesting stories about Serenes experiences then has to find out for herself. She starts by licking Serenes soles and when she starts laughing Catherine has to try her nails. Serene tries to resist a bit but when Catherine combines licking and tickling it’s more than she can take.

Charlie Has Ticklish Feet

Charlie Has Ticklish Feet

And Likes To Be Tickled

Catherine called me the other day and she was really excited. She met this girl Charlie at the Fetish Circuit and wanted to bring her in to get tickled. Charlie is very similar to Catherine right down to a lock tattoo over her left breast and her love of tickling. After a brief interview Catherine can’t hold back any longer and pulls off Charlies sandals and starts nibbling her feet. Charlie starts laughing a bit but when Catherines nails hit her sexy size 9 soles she goes absolutely nuts. Catherine finds so many different places on her feet it is amazing and Charlie is loving every minute of it, even when both feet get tickled at the same time.