Give Me Those Toes

And Your Soles Too

Vanessa has always had a thing for JC Simpsons feet. One day they are sitting around the house and Vanessa can’t help but cut off the tips of JC’s socks to suck on her toes. After a minute she cuts off the other sock tip then the rest of the socks so she can lick JC’s soles too. Vanessas tongue licks all over JC’s feet turning her on to the point where she cuts Vanessas socks off too.

Foot Slave Training By A Bratty Teen

JC Simpson Trains Her Foot Slave

Brats Require Proper Worship

JC Simpson has very sexy feet and guys constantly asking to be her foot slave. Today one shows up to see her and the asshole was late, then he tried to touch the sexy brats feet without permission. JC swiftly reprimands the loser then makes him remove her shoes and socks to worship her dirty feet. She sticks them in his face making him smell them before ordering him to lick and suck every inch. Several times she has to instruct him before she finally dismisses him to do her dishes as punishment for being late.
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