First Time Foot Girl Chase

Has Really Tasty Soles

Chase Ryder is 22 years old and has never had her feet worshipped but Logan is about to remedy that. After a brief interview Logan removes Chases flip-flops and begins to rub her foot. When Logan begins to lick and nibble on her feet Chase isn’t sure what to think. The more attention Logan gives her sexy feet the more Chase begins to enjoy it, even with the occasional tickle between the toes she has a great first time.



First Time Foot Girl Sara Quin

Saras Ticklish Feet HD

Are Just What Bridget Wants

21 year old Sara Quin has some very sexy size 10 feet and when she tells Bridget they’re ticklish she has to see for herself. As soon as Saras socks come off Bridgett runs her fingers up her soles making her squirm. After a bit of tickling Bridget begins to lick Saras toes and soles for the very first time. Apparently her tongue tickles as much as her fingers if not more.
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First Time Foot Girl Andrea Sky Has Ticklish Feet

Sexy redhead Andrea Sky has never had her size 6 1/2 feet tickled on camera before. After finding out she was tickled alot growing up and even by her husband at home I have to see for myself. When my fingers seek out the right spots she giggles and squirms but can’t get away. From her heels to her toes every inch gets tickled and theres even a few attacks on her very ticklish sides.

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First Time Foot Girl Issa Rose


Worshiped And Tickled

Barely legal 18 year old Issa Rose has the cutest size 7 feet Alexis has ever seen. After finding out that Issa has never had her feet worshiped and tickled Alexis removes her boots and socks to have some fun. Just the feeling of Alexis licking her feet gets Issa laughing and struggling but when she sucks her toes things get really hot. After seeing how sensitive Issas feet are Alexis has to use her nails on them a bit and really drives her wild before she decides it’s time to tie her down.

Melodys Licklish Soles

Ebony cutie Melody has some very cute size 7 feet and they are ticklish too. As soon as Jane hears that in the interview she has to see for herself. She lightly tickles Melodys soles making the poor girl struggle and giggle alot. To calm things down she starts licking Melodys soles but even that gets her laughing. Jane licks and tickles Melodys soles for a bit then decides to tie her up for more tickling.

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Milf Cammy Has Sexy Soles

Cammys Sexy Soles HD
Are Tasty And Ticklish

Sexy Milf Cammy came in for an interview and the first thing Malice found out was that she was ticklish. To test just how ticklish she is Malice removes one of her shoes and runs a finger up her soles making Cammy laugh and jump. Malice starts licking and nibbling on her soles and Cammy really starts going crazy. After taking her time to worship and tickle both feet separately malice grabs them both and tickles her silly.

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