Lolas Licklish Soles

Lola was here the other day and when Camille discovered she had never had her feet worshiped she talked her out of her socks. Camille wasted no time getting her tongue on Lolas soles and then discovers shes ticklish too. Camille drives poor Lola wild with foot worship and lickling until it starts to get dangerous and she has to tie this muscular beauty down.

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Foot Worshipping Spell Won’t Wear Off!!

Katerina previously went to a local witch to get a potion that would make her cute roommates worship her sexy feet. She always had a problem getting them to do it. Fortunately the spell worked, but UNFORTUNATELY it hasn’t worn off after the time the witch said it would. Now, she has these foot craving roommates and no reversal for her selfish spell. They won’t leaver her alone, she’s escaped to call and reverse the spell, but they found her and they immediately latched to her feet and started salivating all over them. She thought she would love this, but it has gotten out of hand. Eventually they tie her up since she won’t give them what they want. These girls are relentlessly slaving over her feet. Katerina has never encountered such intense worship. This should teach her not to play with witchcraft!

Olivias Tiny Feet!

Olivia Kasady aka Olivia Gracen only wears a size tiny size 06 shoe. Not only are her feet super tiny but they are very narrow! After Camille removes Olivia’s sexy black ballet flats and peds socks she immediately noticed her high arches and super winkled soles! Camille cant help but sniff, kiss and lick these tiny little feet of Olivia’s but when Camille licks them Olivia burst out in laughter. Little Olivia seems to have some super licklish and ticklish feet! Camille loves licking and tickling the bottoms of her feet and inbetween her toes so much that poor Olivia is almost in tears!

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Feeding Camille’s Craving!

Apparently you don’t have to be pregnant to have strange cravings. Camille and I were sitting down at the table when she dropped her bag of chips and decided she was craving my swollen pregnant feet instead. She got on the floor, took off my flats and started kissing and licking my swollen pregnant feet right there in the kitchen!

The Interns New Job!

Ms. Harper’s new intern Sadie isn’t doing a very good job with her new position and Ms. Harper isn’t very happy about it! Hope calls Sadie into her office to put her in her place and give her a little training for her new job. Sadie desperate to keep employment is willing to do EXACTLY what Ms. Harper says. Including rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking & totally worshipping Ms. Harper’s tiny feet!

Melodys Licklish Soles

Ebony cutie Melody has some very cute size 7 feet and they are ticklish too. As soon as Jane hears that in the interview she has to see for herself. She lightly tickles Melodys soles making the poor girl struggle and giggle alot. To calm things down she starts licking Melodys soles but even that gets her laughing. Jane licks and tickles Melodys soles for a bit then decides to tie her up for more tickling.

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Little Luna’s Tiny Feet

19 yr old Luna is a tiny girl with some very sexy size 5 feet. When Catherine hears about some of her tickling adventures she just has to see for herself. Catherine licks Lunas sole then takes her toes in her mouth and starts tickling them. Luna laughs and struggles but Catherine won’t let go. Catherine worships and tickles both of her tiny feet keeping Luna guessing whats coming next.

Cousin Rachels Big Feet

Catherine convinced her distant cousin Rachel to come see her for a few days. While she was here she talked her into letting her tickle her feet. Before they get started Catherine discovers an interesting Christmas story from when Rachel was growing up. Catherine starts out by licking her cousins soles and Rachel enjoys it alot until Catherine starts nibbling. Apparently nibbling and finger nails really tickle Rachels feet and to get away she tickles Catherine in hopes she’ll let go. Little does she know Catherine likes to be tickled.

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Allies Licklish Feet

Are Fun To Play With

Young Allie Brooks has never been tickled on camera but she has had some interesting experiences. During the interview Malice removes Allies sandals and licks her feet for the first time ever. The feeling of a tongue ring on her soles makes Allie giggle and squirm a bit letting Malice know just what to do. She licks and tickles both her feet for a bit then really starts digging in with her nails driving Allie crazy.