Worship My Soft Soles @AnastasiaRoseXX


You like licking my nice soft feet don’t you? Mmmmm yummy, tasty, delicious. Sucking on my toes one by one and rubbing them all over your face. Yes worship by beautiful, sexy, soft soles. Keep licking and sucking on my soft toes and soles and maybe I’ll let you worship them some more. Good boy.

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Lexxxus Adams Likes It @LexxxusAdams

Young Lexxxus Adams has some really tiny feet and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. When I found out she had never had them worshipped I had to get those piggies in my mouth. Lexxxus told me I could and I was ready to go. Her tiny feet were very soft and when I licked them Lexxxus really enjoyed it.

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Brittanys Licklish Soles

19 year old Brittany Shae has really sexy feet that have never been worshipped by a girl. When Camille discovers that during her interview she just had to be the first. Camille removes her shoes and takes a big whiff of her soles then starts worshiping them. Camilles tongue finds a few very ticklish spots and she can’t help but exploit them with her nails. Brittany laughs and moans as Camille alternates between lickling and tickling her tiny feet until Camille decides it’s time to tie her down for even more brutal treatment.

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Dacy Likes The New Employee

Dacy Likes The New Employee
remember when dacy and tay forced the new hire, Eve to worship their feet? Well Dacy has a massive foot fetish herself that she’s been hiding from tay. She goes into Eve’s office to see how she’s doing with her new job and when she isn’t in there she snoops thru her desk only to find some pantyhose! Dacy smells them and gets arroused but she hears Eve’s footsteps so she dashes under the desk to hide! Eve doesn’t notice Dacy down there and Dacy leans forward to try and smell Eve’s perfect sweaty stinky size 6 feet. After a few minutes Eve catches her!! Eve calls her out and threatens to tell Tay that DACY was smelling the new hires feet! Dacy begs and asks her to PLEASE not tell Tay! Will she? Maybe not… IF Dacy worships the new hires feet! Eve forces Dacy to worship her feet in order to keep their little secret. Dacy enjoys it so much… well, not being given orders by Eve, but she sure as hell loves Eve’s amazing feet! Eve sends Dacy away as she thnks Dacy has had enough fun. Hopefully Tay won’t find out!

Catherine Loves Renes Feet

Catherine Loves Renes Feet HD
With Her Lips And Tongue

It had been awhile since Catherine and Rene had seen each other and Catherine really has a thing for her feet. When they get a minute alone Catherine grabs her tiny feet and starts licking them from heel to toe. Rene loves the feeling of her tongue on her soles and lets out a few moans encouraging Catherine to take thing even further. Catherine starts sucking Renes heels and toes and even takes all 5 toes in her mouth at once really getting Rene going.

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