Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 91: Soles of the Toe-Talitarian!

A strange rift in time and space brings a strange visitor, from an old totalitarian regime (Goddess Aimee) to Stilettoville! The sexy, leather-clad brunette captures cute, nerdy scientist, Dr. Kathryn Kaige (Bailey Paige), just as she makes a discovery about the infamous “Devil’s Door”! The stranger just so happens to be looking to unravel the mystery of the Devil’s Door and interrogates Dr. Kaige.

The feisty, little scientist is less than cooperative, though. She’s far more afraid of the Devil’s Door than she is of her captor! The militant, fascist bitch removes one of her own stinky shoes and shoves it in Dr. Kaige’s face! Though disgusted, Kaige holds out. Then, the evil femme fatale puts her big, stinky, size 9 bare feet in the doctor’s face!

Dr. Kaige is revulsed! She writhes and gags at the scent of her captor’s big sexy feet! But, just when it seems things can’t get worse … the toe-talitarian vixen shoves her toes into Dr. Kaige’s mouth and makes her lick and worship her sweaty soles and toes! Can Dr. Kaige stand up to such a fiendish interrogation or will she give up the secret she’s just discovered? Find out now!

Brittanys Licklish Soles

19 year old Brittany Shae has really sexy feet that have never been worshipped by a girl. When Camille discovers that during her interview she just had to be the first. Camille removes her shoes and takes a big whiff of her soles then starts worshiping them. Camilles tongue finds a few very ticklish spots and she can’t help but exploit them with her nails. Brittany laughs and moans as Camille alternates between lickling and tickling her tiny feet until Camille decides it’s time to tie her down for even more brutal treatment.

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Foot Worshipping Spell Won’t Wear Off!!

Katerina previously went to a local witch to get a potion that would make her cute roommates worship her sexy feet. She always had a problem getting them to do it. Fortunately the spell worked, but UNFORTUNATELY it hasn’t worn off after the time the witch said it would. Now, she has these foot craving roommates and no reversal for her selfish spell. They won’t leaver her alone, she’s escaped to call and reverse the spell, but they found her and they immediately latched to her feet and started salivating all over them. She thought she would love this, but it has gotten out of hand. Eventually they tie her up since she won’t give them what they want. These girls are relentlessly slaving over her feet. Katerina has never encountered such intense worship. This should teach her not to play with witchcraft!

Olivias Tiny Feet!

Olivia Kasady aka Olivia Gracen only wears a size tiny size 06 shoe. Not only are her feet super tiny but they are very narrow! After Camille removes Olivia’s sexy black ballet flats and peds socks she immediately noticed her high arches and super winkled soles! Camille cant help but sniff, kiss and lick these tiny little feet of Olivia’s but when Camille licks them Olivia burst out in laughter. Little Olivia seems to have some super licklish and ticklish feet! Camille loves licking and tickling the bottoms of her feet and inbetween her toes so much that poor Olivia is almost in tears!

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Naughty Attorneys

Red Ameland is a sexy defense Attorney who is trying to get the charges reduced for her client (who is a family member) from a felony to a misdemeanor. She has a scheduled meeting with FL prosecuting Attorney Lela Beryl. The scene opens with Ameland in the office telling Lela she needs a favor and its unethical but she was wandering could the charges be reduced to a lesser offense. Prosecutor Lela is flabbergasted and says she cannot put her career in jeopardy and is offended by the offer and considers reporting Red to the bar! But Lela has second thoughts as her horny foot fetish desires kick in. Lela has been eyeing Red’s sexy size 9’s for quite some time and has been masturbating about her feet and she has her own proposition! Lela lets Red know if she can worship her pantyhose feet she will reconsider reducing the charges. Red obliges and Lela comes over to Red and takes off her shoes and gets on her knees and takes off Red’s pumps and devours Red’s sexy pantyhose toes on her knees for the next few minutes before getting more comfortable on the futon couch and continuing her assault on this sexy vixen’s feet for the another few minutes before Red propositions Lela- she loves how it feels and she has a bit of a foot fetish herself… maybe she can worship her pantyhose feet in return? After this steamy pantyhose worship session the decision has been made… charges dropped and case dismissed.

Alexis Hates It – Foot Tickled In Stocks

Alexis made a big mistake when Catherine told her she wanted to see if she could be hog stocked. As soon as she is secure Catherine begins to tickle her feet making Alexis beg and struggle. Catherine starts licking her size 10 soles while tickling them and Alexis loses it. She laughs, begs and even fears she might cry but Catherine won’t let up. Catherine licks and tickles her feet til she just can’t take anymore.

Busty Selena Star Has Ticklish Feet

Busty and Beautiful BBW pornstar Selena Star was here a few weeks ago and man was she ticklish. We did a very hot x-rated scene for JWTIESAMATEURS on Clips4sale that you wouldn’t believe. Her Natural K breasts were a bit of a distraction but she still got plenty of torture. The scene we posted a preview of was from her interview with Rene phoenix and if you like foot tickling this is a must have.

Selena Star’s Ticklish Feet HD
Are Rene’s Tasty Treat

Rene was over for the weekend and when she found out Selena was ticklish she just had to have some fun. After hearing about some of her ticklish adventures, Rene just had to lick and tickle Selena’s feet. As soon as her tongue hit Selena’s soles, she started laughing like crazy, so Rene has no choice but to nibble and tickle her feet driving her insane. Selena struggles so much; Rene has to grab hold of both legs to keep her from getting away. And when she does she taunts Selena by telling her no one can help her now.

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