Catherine Worships Serenes Feet

Serenes Ticklish Feet
Are Catherines Treat

Serene Isley has some very sexy feet and she is ticklish too. Catherine starts off the interview and discovers a few interesting stories about Serenes experiences then has to find out for herself. She starts by licking Serenes soles and when she starts laughing Catherine has to try her nails. Serene tries to resist a bit but when Catherine combines licking and tickling it’s more than she can take.

Milf Cammy Has Sexy Soles

Cammys Sexy Soles HD
Are Tasty And Ticklish

Sexy Milf Cammy came in for an interview and the first thing Malice found out was that she was ticklish. To test just how ticklish she is Malice removes one of her shoes and runs a finger up her soles making Cammy laugh and jump. Malice starts licking and nibbling on her soles and Cammy really starts going crazy. After taking her time to worship and tickle both feet separately malice grabs them both and tickles her silly.

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Jenna Presley Is Ticklish

Jenna Presley Has Ticklish Feet
For Catherine To Nibble On

Busty porn star Jenna Presley tweeted a few weeks ago that she was ticklish so we had to get her in and see. Catherine finds out a bit about Jenna being tickle by her babysitter when she was young and a few details about her ticklishness then removes her shoes. She starts off licking Jenna’s arches and gets some hot responses but when Catherine nibbles her sole Jenna starts giggling. Knowing she found a good spot Catherine uses her nails and teeth to tickle Jenna but keeping her from getting too far away by erotically worshiping her soles.

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Foot Worship Blackmail

Foot Worship Blackmail
Mika’s Busted

Mika is in her dorm room when another student, Matt, drops by. He caught Mika cheating on an exam and has just the leverage he needs. Mika tries to get out of it but Matt tells her that the only way she can is if she lets him worship her stockinged feet and a few other demands. Mika agrees to let him as long as he won’t tell.

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