Lenna Luxx Learns About Fetishes

A sexy, taboo compilation of scenes featuring Lenna Lux & domestic MILF Heidee Nytes!


Lenna loves her mum’s feet, and you love them too!  Too bad you can’t have them, though!  You get to watch as Lenna rubs, licks and sucks on mum’s yummy, delicious soles, arches, and toes, because she’s mommy’s favorite, and you’re not!


Lenna Lux decides to talk to her mum about a video her and her friends watched.  They watched a video of girls holding down other girls and tickling them, and it gave her “special feelings.”  Luckily, Mum Heidee Nytes is there to tell her that this is all okay, and that it’s a fetish… and that she even likes it herself.  She even offers to tickle Lenna, just so Lenna can know what it’s like!  Lenna is reluctant at first, but then agrees, and isn’t disappointed.  Mum Heidee tickles Lenna so well, tickling her sides, her armpits,AND her feet!


Lenna Lux has been watching movies again, and this time, she’s curious about penises.  She doesn’t know what it’s like to be with a guy, so she asks mum Heidee Nytes for more advice.  Heidee feels that Lenna needs some first hand experience with a cock, so she calls her husband in and asks him to take his cock out for Lenna to see and handle.  Heidee instructs Lenna how to jerk off a hard penis, and Lenna strokes and strokes the cock until it cums all over her face!


Sometimes, being a permissive guardian has its disadvantages.  It seems little Lenna Lux is spreading her eighteen-year old wings and sneaking out to hang out with boys, and mum Heidee Nytes realizes that she needs to dole out some discipline!  When Lenna tries to sneak back into her room, Heidee catches her, binds her to the chair, and tickles her until she confesses that she’s been hanging out with boys!  Needing to teach Lenna a lesson, Heidee takes Lenna over her knee and gives her a good, firm otk hand spanking!   Lenna whimpers as Heidee spanks her over her jean shorts, then her red panties,and finally her bare ass!  With her ass nicely appled, Heidee wands Lenna’s horny pussy rid her of her ravenous young lust!  Lenna squirms and whimpers until she finally climaxes, and Heidee leaves her to go to sleep, having been properly disciplined.

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Robin becomes Poison Ivy’s Foot Slave @xotaylorrazxo

Poison Ivy has broken into a home to find out a secret internet code to take over the world of the interwebs. But Robin has come to save the world and stop Ivy. Ivy is too quick and blows her magical dust into her face to make her weak and to make her fall completely mindless and under Ivy’s control. She makes Robin become her foot slave and promise to do her evil bidding. She’s hers forever!  

Bailey’s Sleepy Sensual Tickles @xotaylorrazxo

Bailey is sleeping and possibly even having a sensual dream. Simona and Tay decide to pick on her and begin to tickle her tiny little sleeping feert. She doesn’t wake up, it only seems to make her fall deeper and deeper asleep and make her dream more intense! Watch her little toes wiggle and soles wrinkle as Tay and Simona sneakily scrape their nails along her bare feet.

Roxie Rae & Natalie Lane – Foot Worship Job Interview



Roxie Rae is all dressed up and super nervous about her job interview. She has been waiting all week, and is really in need of a job. She comes in to meet Natalie Lane. Natalie begins to ask her question’s and tells her one of the main requirements is Roxie needs to be able to serve her, and do as she say’s. Roxie agrees… Natalie puts her foot up on the table and tells Roxie that she needs to worship her feet.. that this will be one of her main requirement’s. Roxie is appalled, and think’s that Natalie is joking. Little does she know Natalie is not joking… and Roxie really needs this job. Roxie peels off Natalie’s heel and takes a sniff. Roxie can not believe how bad that Natalie’s sweaty nylon soles smell. Natalie has been working all day and wearing her pantyhose with heels. Roxie begins to lick up and down Natalie’s sweaty nylon clad soles…. Once Natalie has had enough she tells Roxie to follow her she has a better idea. Natalie brings Roxie over to her couch and removes her pantyhose and tells Roxie she now wants her to worship her sweaty bare soles. Natalie relaxes as Roxie licks every inch of Natalie’s wrinkled soles and toes. Roxie gets into it sucking her toes and placing Natalie’s soft soles on her face while she licks and sucks them. Natalie realizes the time and tells Roxie that she has to leave because her net appointment will arrive any minute, that 3 other people are applying for the job.,.. Roxie can’t believe what she is hearing. Roxie expects after what she has done tha she will get the job. Natalie laughs and tells Roxie to close the door behind her, and she will be in touch!

New on The Foot Obsession

Katie Cummings in You Love My Socks!

Are you staring at my socks again? That is the first thing the very sexy Katie Cummings asked when she was laying down on that big bed at The Funhouse today! She knows just how much we all love knee high socks on a sexy babe like her and it was such the perfect combination, real eye candy. Katie just loves showing off her sexy sock collection and today she was wearing these orange socks with black polka dots that complimented her legs so damn good. Let’s not forgot about the outfit to go with it, black lingerie 2 piece set that just showed off those big boobs and perfect booty perfectly. Well back to the socks as this was the showcase of the day with Katie Cummings. She just loved getting in all sorts of sexy positions for us to view those socks on her and she did a job well done with it. I think Katie’s favorite part was when she was laying face down and ass up with those socks being showed off so good but we couldn’t help it to stare at those buns as well. I think she just loves teasing us as she knows it’s done so well!

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First Time Foot Girl Alyssa Branch

Sexy 20 year old Alyssa Branch joined Taylor Raz for her first time experience with us. During her interview Taylor discovers that Alyssa has size 8 feet that have never been worshipped. Knowing how much Taylor likes feet we knew the minute she stripped of Alyssas sock and sniffed her feet this was going to be hot. Taylor worships and tickles Alyssas soles and toes making her laugh and struggle but she cant get away. Taylor finds every single spot on Alyssas feet and even goes after her ribs in this hot scene recorded during a live broadcast on The Ticklechat.





Elan Kane in Leg Warmers Tease

The adorable & beautiful Asian princess Elan Kane stopped by the FunHouse today to show us some of her sexy little outfits. One of the best from today’s selection was Elan’s very sexy black lingerie that just looked amazing on her. As you will see, the lingerie just compliments her sexy little body so nice and you are guaranteed to really enjoy the view as you watch the clip. But the most exciting part of this shoot was miss Elan Kane showing off her sexy black leg warmers that looked perfect on those sexy legs of hers. She really enjoyed showing them off, she rolled them down and then back up her legs just knowing how much of a tease that is for everyone at home watching this. She even moves that sexy little body on that big bed like she owns it, just knowing how much we are enjoying the view of her sexiness. And being the good girl she is, she even showed off those sexy little feet to the camera and even some very sexy views of that booty of hers. This is definitely one of our favorite shoots with the lovely Elan Kane and we hope you’ll agree!


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First Time Foot Girl Issa Rose


Worshiped And Tickled

Barely legal 18 year old Issa Rose has the cutest size 7 feet Alexis has ever seen. After finding out that Issa has never had her feet worshiped and tickled Alexis removes her boots and socks to have some fun. Just the feeling of Alexis licking her feet gets Issa laughing and struggling but when she sucks her toes things get really hot. After seeing how sensitive Issas feet are Alexis has to use her nails on them a bit and really drives her wild before she decides it’s time to tie her down.

Cameron Canadas Ticklish Feet

Are Really Ticklish

Young Cameron Canada has some very sexy and tiny feet. As it turns out they are very ticklish. When I finally convince her to let me take off her shoes and try I can see why she tried not to let me. Her soles are so ticklish the slightest touch makes her laugh and jerk away violently. After struggling to tickle them several times and making her laugh and squirm I decided it was time to tie her down and really get her good.