Lenna Luxx Learns About Fetishes

A sexy, taboo compilation of scenes featuring Lenna Lux & domestic MILF Heidee Nytes!


Lenna loves her mum’s feet, and you love them too!  Too bad you can’t have them, though!  You get to watch as Lenna rubs, licks and sucks on mum’s yummy, delicious soles, arches, and toes, because she’s mommy’s favorite, and you’re not!


Lenna Lux decides to talk to her mum about a video her and her friends watched.  They watched a video of girls holding down other girls and tickling them, and it gave her “special feelings.”  Luckily, Mum Heidee Nytes is there to tell her that this is all okay, and that it’s a fetish… and that she even likes it herself.  She even offers to tickle Lenna, just so Lenna can know what it’s like!  Lenna is reluctant at first, but then agrees, and isn’t disappointed.  Mum Heidee tickles Lenna so well, tickling her sides, her armpits,AND her feet!


Lenna Lux has been watching movies again, and this time, she’s curious about penises.  She doesn’t know what it’s like to be with a guy, so she asks mum Heidee Nytes for more advice.  Heidee feels that Lenna needs some first hand experience with a cock, so she calls her husband in and asks him to take his cock out for Lenna to see and handle.  Heidee instructs Lenna how to jerk off a hard penis, and Lenna strokes and strokes the cock until it cums all over her face!


Sometimes, being a permissive guardian has its disadvantages.  It seems little Lenna Lux is spreading her eighteen-year old wings and sneaking out to hang out with boys, and mum Heidee Nytes realizes that she needs to dole out some discipline!  When Lenna tries to sneak back into her room, Heidee catches her, binds her to the chair, and tickles her until she confesses that she’s been hanging out with boys!  Needing to teach Lenna a lesson, Heidee takes Lenna over her knee and gives her a good, firm otk hand spanking!   Lenna whimpers as Heidee spanks her over her jean shorts, then her red panties,and finally her bare ass!  With her ass nicely appled, Heidee wands Lenna’s horny pussy rid her of her ravenous young lust!  Lenna squirms and whimpers until she finally climaxes, and Heidee leaves her to go to sleep, having been properly disciplined.

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Bunnie Huges First Footjob


19 year old Bunnie has never given a footjob, even in her personal life, so we talked her into it. From the moment she wraps her sexy soles around your cock you can tell shes a natural. Her soles and toes caress your cock teasing evey inch. Faster and faster her legs pump bringing you closer to orgasm. When you finally explode and cover both her feet Bunnies face lights up with pleasure from having a huge load on her feet.

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Red Hot MILF Gabriella Santorini!


Gabriella Santorini is a super sexy MILF who is confident, sexy, intelligent & a total freak in bed! She is literally everything I would look for in a MILF I was trying to hook up with but not only that she has some of the softest feet I have ever seen! Gabriella was on set with us when I asked if she had ever given a footjob before she gave a devious little smile and said “something like that”. How could I not get excited upon hearing that?! I literally didn’t hesitate to get her sexy feet into action but when we had our “stuntcock” lay down for her ready to have those lovely soles wrapped around him she looked confused in the best way possible! Gabriella thought a footjob was actually her feet being worshiped! When we found out it would be her first actual footjob ever we got even more excited! Gabriella was a natural! For a footjob virgin she knew exactly what she was doing! Our stuntcock and myself for that matter couldn’t stop smiling after the fact! She was amazing and amazing to watch!

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Same Age Babysitter Tickle Torture

Zoe’s Mom and Dad thought it would be clever to hire a babysitter to keep her under control while they are out of town. Little did they know that Maria lied about her age on her application. Turns out, she’s the same age as Zoe. Zoe cons Maria into playing a dress up game of cowboys and Indians and when she wins, she ties her up, leaving her mercilessly in her torturous hands. Zoe has the perfect idea in mind…. TICKLING!

Akira Sucks Her Piggies

I really love feet! I have worshipped feet, and have had my feet worshipped. But I have never worshipped my own feet. That sounds right, right? I mean that can’t be that big of a challenge, I actually think it would be kinda fun.

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Robin becomes Poison Ivy’s Foot Slave @xotaylorrazxo

Poison Ivy has broken into a home to find out a secret internet code to take over the world of the interwebs. But Robin has come to save the world and stop Ivy. Ivy is too quick and blows her magical dust into her face to make her weak and to make her fall completely mindless and under Ivy’s control. She makes Robin become her foot slave and promise to do her evil bidding. She’s hers forever!  

Elan Asks For Pantyhose Foot Tickling

“I love having my feet tickled, will you guys please tickle me!?” Elan loves it when her friends tickle her feet and she loves it even more when they are covered in pantyhose! Elan is ultra-ticklish and though she might love ther rush she gets after being tickled, she soon regrets asking Dacy and Danica to tickle her in the moment! Tickle Tickle Elan!

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Dacy Likes The New Employee

Dacy Likes The New Employee
remember when dacy and tay forced the new hire, Eve to worship their feet? Well Dacy has a massive foot fetish herself that she’s been hiding from tay. She goes into Eve’s office to see how she’s doing with her new job and when she isn’t in there she snoops thru her desk only to find some pantyhose! Dacy smells them and gets arroused but she hears Eve’s footsteps so she dashes under the desk to hide! Eve doesn’t notice Dacy down there and Dacy leans forward to try and smell Eve’s perfect sweaty stinky size 6 feet. After a few minutes Eve catches her!! Eve calls her out and threatens to tell Tay that DACY was smelling the new hires feet! Dacy begs and asks her to PLEASE not tell Tay! Will she? Maybe not… IF Dacy worships the new hires feet! Eve forces Dacy to worship her feet in order to keep their little secret. Dacy enjoys it so much… well, not being given orders by Eve, but she sure as hell loves Eve’s amazing feet! Eve sends Dacy away as she thnks Dacy has had enough fun. Hopefully Tay won’t find out!

Hot Milf Carly Bells Ticklish Feet

Carly Has Licklish Feet
For Rene To Play With

Carly Bell is a sexy MILF with some very beautiful soles. When Rene finds out she is ticklish and has never had them worshiped by a woman she is in heaven. Rene explores her sexy soles from heel to toe with her fingers and finds a few tickle spots to tease then she starts licking them too. Once her feet are wet from Renes lips and tongue she tickles and teases Carly while she nibbles them. Rene enjoys every inch of Carly’s feet even sucking her toes a few times before deciding it’s time to tie her down for some real tickle torture but thats another story.