Bailey’s Sleepy Sensual Tickles @xotaylorrazxo

Bailey is sleeping and possibly even having a sensual dream. Simona and Tay decide to pick on her and begin to tickle her tiny little sleeping feert. She doesn’t wake up, it only seems to make her fall deeper and deeper asleep and make her dream more intense! Watch her little toes wiggle and soles wrinkle as Tay and Simona sneakily scrape their nails along her bare feet.

Genie Eve Grants Lea 3 Wishes *Wish 1*

Lea goes to lay down after a long day of work and she feels something hard under her pillow. When she checks she finds a genie lamp… She rubs it and appears a magical genie, Eve! Eve has arrived to grant her 3 wishes. The first wish is to tickle the genie’s feet. It always makes Lea feel better to tickle someone… and she’s never tickled a genie before. For Lea’s second wish she wishes to have Eve worship her feet. Eve hasn’t done a lot of foot worshiping in her genie days but she must grant her any 3 wishes she wants! For the 3rd and final wish Le requests to use it against someone- “you can wish for anything against or for anyone!” Lea doesn’t like her mother-in-law too much so she wishes to tickle torture her! Well, Lea’s 3 wishes have been granted. Eve must go!