New Ebony Bombshell Jenna J. Foxx


Young Jenna J. Foxx is by far one of the sexiest ebony girls I have EVER seen! Not only is she incredibly sexy, she has all the perfect natural assets too! Her personality, laugh, smile, breast, ass, thighs, soles, she is the total package! Recently we had the pleasure of working with her when we found out she has never given a footjob! You all know as well as I do there was absolutely no way we could pass up seeing this beauty’s soles wrapped around a cock so we found her a more than willing participate who she made explode! Talk about hot! Not only are her feet super hot covered in cum but Camille got to experience just how ticklish her feet were later in the day! I honestly don’t know who had more fun with Jenna’s sexy soles. Our footjob participant of Camille! Anywho! Enough rambling! You will be able to find Jenna’s first footjob ever at within the next few days, her ticklish soles at & tons more from Jenna at or by clicking her photo above!


Also find a sexy foot photo set of Jenna here!

Feeding Camille’s Craving!

Apparently you don’t have to be pregnant to have strange cravings. Camille and I were sitting down at the table when she dropped her bag of chips and decided she was craving my swollen pregnant feet instead. She got on the floor, took off my flats and started kissing and licking my swollen pregnant feet right there in the kitchen!

Melodys Licklish Soles

Ebony cutie Melody has some very cute size 7 feet and they are ticklish too. As soon as Jane hears that in the interview she has to see for herself. She lightly tickles Melodys soles making the poor girl struggle and giggle alot. To calm things down she starts licking Melodys soles but even that gets her laughing. Jane licks and tickles Melodys soles for a bit then decides to tie her up for more tickling.

Available HERE

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