Angel of Laughter! Pt. 1: Wrath of the An-Nylonator! @FTKL


Councilwoman Linda Lafferton (Nikki Brooks) returns to her home to find an unexpected guest! The corrupt city official is accosted, bound and wrapped in crime scene tape, by a mysterious woman (Daniella Deviant) dressed all in red!

The assailant refers to herself the councilwoman’s “angel of laughter” and she proves it by removing Lafferton’s shoes and tickle tormenting her exposed nylon-clad feet! The helpless politician cackles and struggles in a fit of ticklish agony, as her squirming toes try to dodge skillful, sharp fingernails! All begging, bargaining and attempts to give money and information fall upon deaf ears! The woman in red says very little and seems intent upon tickling Councilwoman Lafferton into an early demise … and does just that!

Afterwards, the femme fatale foot-tickler is given instructions by phone on where to plant the evidence! Who is this ferocious, foot-tickling assassin? Find out now as this one-of-a-kind movie series begins! And enjoy the 007-style opening credits! Prepare to be an-nylonated!

Roxie Raes Sleepy Cheerleader Feet

Cheerleader Roxie is fast asleep. Roxie has fallen asleep with her sneakers on. Roxie does not know she has a foot hungry roommate that will use Roxie’s sleepiness to her advantage. Natalie takes off her shoes and smells her socked soles. Natalie then takes off her socks and devours her pantyhose soles and toes.


Heres a bonus Link to Natalies First and I believe only Footjob:

Natalies Sheer Footworship Footjob



First Time Footgirls Clip Of The Week: Double Agent Tickle Revenge

Commander Schuzoff (Lydia) has been tricked into hiring a secretary, who’s actually a double agent (Dre). The evil military madwoman is taken captive by her subordinate and tickled on her hypersensitive bare feet. The agent is looking for files that the commander has stolen from her agency and isn’t taking “I don’t know” for an answer! If you like seeing a sexy, cruel bitch come undone from foot-tickling, don’t miss this one!

Genie Eve Grants Lea 3 Wishes *Wish 1*

Lea goes to lay down after a long day of work and she feels something hard under her pillow. When she checks she finds a genie lamp… She rubs it and appears a magical genie, Eve! Eve has arrived to grant her 3 wishes. The first wish is to tickle the genie’s feet. It always makes Lea feel better to tickle someone… and she’s never tickled a genie before. For Lea’s second wish she wishes to have Eve worship her feet. Eve hasn’t done a lot of foot worshiping in her genie days but she must grant her any 3 wishes she wants! For the 3rd and final wish Le requests to use it against someone- “you can wish for anything against or for anyone!” Lea doesn’t like her mother-in-law too much so she wishes to tickle torture her! Well, Lea’s 3 wishes have been granted. Eve must go!


Rescuing WonderMilf

Wondermilf has been captured by the evil Dr Nasty and Captain Amerika comes to rescue her. Seeing she is under the influence of his potions he comes up with a plan to break it’s hold. He removes her boots and begins to lick and tickle her feet hoping that laughter will cure her. His gloves glide across her soles making her laugh and his tongue between her toes finally breaks the hold on her, or so he thinks. He unties Wondermilf to make their escape and soon discovers there is another trap set just for him.

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