April O’Neill and the Red Hot Feather!

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Nosy Channel 6 News reporter, April O’Neill (Ren Smolder) has stumbled onto the story of a lifetime! She snoops around gangster Don Turtelli’s (FTKL) office and discovered some very incriminating evidence that could put him away forever! Unfortunately, he also discovers her and takes her captive!

Soon, April is de-booted and tied up. Turtelli knows that she’s found out about his scheme to steal the priceless Phoenix Feather, but the deed is already done! Turtelli already has the dreaded feather and intends to use it on April! The feisty reporter thinks she can resist, but as soon as the crimson quill brushes her squirming, bare soles she howls with helpless laughter!

April thrashes in a foot-tickled conniption, as her long toes twitch, wriggle and writhe and her long soles flex and scrunch, uncontrollably! In no time, the howling, laugh-addled hottie is giving up info … not only about her expose’ on him, but about her personal life, as well! The tickling is agonizing and the feather seems to work like a magical truth serum! What secrets will April spill? Will justice meet a feathery de-feet? Find out now, in this customer-written tickling homage to a longtime favorite cartoon, amongst tickle fans! (Quicktime) Want your own custom vid? Email us now!

Tickle Disobedience! Pt. 3: Poli-Tickle Agenda! @FTKL


Welcome a cast of newcomers … FOUR BRAND NEW MODELS! Councilwoman Vanity Valentine (Alexandra) is favored to win the Stilettoville mayoral election, but Plumenatti agents Midnight Nurse (RocInked) and Inspector Akai (Tessa Arias) want to show her who really runs the city! The sexy blonde politician is captured, hogtied and mercilessly tickled on her vulnerable, nylon-clad feet! Inspector Akai wants the giggling, squealing, laugh-addled councilwoman to reconsider the anti-vigilante bill, but Valentine favors the city’s costumed guardians. Unfortunately her scrunching, flexing, flailing feet don’t favor the tickle torment they’re enduring!

Meanwhile, Midnight Nurse catches one of Councilwoman Valentine’s bodyguards, a female cop (Angel) and ties her up, to make her give up info about the councilwoman’s security detail! Can Councilwoman Valentine hold out? Will someone rescue her? To be continued!


Cops And Robbers With @Roxie_Rae

ROXIE is an escapee convict and has broken into another house, she’s on her way out of the house with a stolen laptop when an officer who has been tracking her grabs her. Officer ORIAS orders ROXIE to sit and put the laptop down. ROXIE obeys but pleads with officer ORIAS to make a deal. ORIAS is listening as ROXIE tells her she doesn’t want to go back to jail. ORIAS places cuffs on ROXIE’S wrists and ankles to ensure she’s not going anywhere, as she comes up with an idea to bargain with criminal ROXIE. ORIAS has been on duty all day and brings her SWEATY HIGH HEELS up to ROXIE’S nose and orders her to SNIFF them. ROXIE gags at the SMELL. ORIAS tells ROXIE she will let her go if she can handle SMELLING her SIZE 9 STINKY FEET and SHOES. ROXIE is not pleased but will do whatever it takes to not go back to jail. ORIAS gets comfortable and instructs ROXIE on where to SMELL with her FEET in ROXIE’S face. ROXIE is choking and gagging on the pungent stink of ORIAS’ WET BARE FEET. ROXIE complains and ORIAS rubs her SWEATY FEET all over ROXIE’S face and body. ROXIE has lived up to her end of the bargain and demands ORIAS let her go already. Officer ORIAS has escaped convict ROXIE in her custody and isn’t letting her go yet. After making a deal with ROXIE, ROXIE thinks she is free. However, ORIAS has a little more PUNISHMENT and TORTURE in store for ROXIE. After SMELLING her HIGH HEELS & STINKY FEET, ORIAS is going to have ROXIE clean them for her. ORIAS tells ROXIE to get to LICKING to make sure her SHOES look brand new. ROXIE slides her TONGUE up ad down ORIAS’ HIGH HEELS and deep throats the HEEL, SUCKING it clean. ORIAS’ HIGH HEELS aren’t the only things that need cleaned, once ROXIE is done with the SHOES it’s time for her to get to work on ORIAS’ FEET and SOLES. ROXIE LICKS ORIAS’ FEET and SUCKS all of her TOES just like ORIAS instructs her to do. ROXIE will do anything o not have to go back to prison and ORIAS is making sure she takes full advantage of ROXIE. In fact when ROXIE is done and ORIAS has sparkling clean FEET and HIGH HEELS, ORIAS lets ROXIE know this will be a weekly event, and if ROXIE fails to show for the FOOT TORTURE punishment each week she will get arrested and go back to prison.