Sasha Has Ticklish Feet

Sasha Has Ticklish Feet HD
and Tries To Deny It

Catherines friend Sasha has never been on camera before but Catherine wanted to tickle her feet so she agreed. During the interview she tries to deny being ticklish but Catherine knows better so she starts licking and nibbling her size 8 soles. Sasha tries to resist but Catherine makes her laugh and struggle quite a bit. To try and stop the tickling Sasha even tickles Catherine a few times but it doesn’t stop her.

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Asian Teen Stocked In Socks To Tickle

When Tii was here for her most recent shoot we had a few fan requests for her to be tickled in socks. Catherine has her locked in the stocks and begins tickling her feet through the socks getting Tii to laugh and struggle. After a few minutes Catherine wants to have some fun with her bare soles so she cuts the socks off and really digs her nails in to Tii’s soles and toes.

Autumns Tiny Ticklish Feet

Autumn Winters is a tiny ticklish girl that has been in several different scenes for us. She likes tickling girls and guys but what she really enjoys is having her feet worshipped. In her newest release you get to hear about a few childhood adventures she had with tickling and watch Catherine remove her shoes, sniff her socks then lick her bare soles before tickling them. This is one scene you won’t want to miss.

Autumn Winters Ticklish Feet HD
Need To Be Licked

Tiny Autumn Winters is very ticklish and Catherine wants to have some fun. After hearing about her adventures with her cousins tickling her when she was younger Catherine gets her out of her shoes and sniffs her socked feet. She tickles Autumn through the socks and gets her laughing then removes them to lick and nibble her sexy soles. In between long licks and bites Catherine tickles her feet making her laugh and struggle alot until she finally decides to tie her down for more intense tickling.

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Sexy Asian Teen Feet

Tii is a sexy Asian teen that just started doing fetish and adult video. When she joined us in studio there were many things she had never done on camera or in real life but by the time she left we had covered many of them. Below you will find the details of her first foor worship scene and links to some of her more graphic scenes including her first footjob and her first girl/girl tickle scene with Missi Daniels. Check out this hot Asian today

Tii Has Ticklish Feet HD
For catherine To Worship And Tickle

18 yr old Tii is a very sexy Asian American with size 9 ticklish feet. When Catherine tahes off her shoes she can barely stop herself from sniffing and licking them right away. Catherine finds a few spots with her tongue and teeth that make Tii giggle and its game on. She uses her nails to tickle Tii’s soles and her tongue between her toes to get her laughing and smiling quite a bit. Before the interview is over Catherine even tickles her sides and poor Tii almost falls off the couch.

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Her First Foot Worship

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Tii’s First Lesbian Tickle

Tii’s First Footjob

Sandy’s Feet Worshiped At The Beach

Random Ticklish Girl Sandy
A Hot Local Find with Sexy Size 8 Feet

Sandy is a local girl Catherine met recently and got her to go to a secluded spot to get her feet worshiped. It turns out Sandy has some very ticklish feet. Catherine tickles them first with her nails then starts licking and nibbling her toes. Sandy goes nuts and keeps pulling her feet away but can’t get away from Catherines tongue and teeth for long.

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Teen Cindys First Foot Worship Session


Cindy’s Ticklish Feet HD
Are Catherines To Worship

Cindy is barely 18 and came in for her first shoot ever. When Catherine finds out she is ticklish it really gets interesting. She removes Cindy’s shoes and licks her soles for the first time making her giggle. Next thing you know Catherine is holding her toes with her mouth and tickling her soles as Cindy laughs and struggles to get away. After thoroughly tickling and worshiping her feet Catherine attacks her sides briefly to see how ticklish they are too.


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Jenna Presley Is Ticklish

Jenna Presley Has Ticklish Feet
For Catherine To Nibble On

Busty porn star Jenna Presley tweeted a few weeks ago that she was ticklish so we had to get her in and see. Catherine finds out a bit about Jenna being tickle by her babysitter when she was young and a few details about her ticklishness then removes her shoes. She starts off licking Jenna’s arches and gets some hot responses but when Catherine nibbles her sole Jenna starts giggling. Knowing she found a good spot Catherine uses her nails and teeth to tickle Jenna but keeping her from getting too far away by erotically worshiping her soles.

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Foot Tickling Punishment

Screw Your Pedicure
We Need To Get Paid

Catherine, Taylor and Elizabeth have been living together for awhile. The bills have been getting harder to pay because Catherine is always late. When they ask her for the rent money she tells them she needs a week or 2 then proceeds to show off her new pedicure. Catherine goes to take a nap and the girls decide to teach her a lesson. Taylor and Elizabeth tie her to the bed then start tickling her. They remove her shoes so they can use their fingers, lips and tongues to tickle her feet. Catherine begs them to stop but they lick suck and tickle her toes and soles until she agrees to pay the rent and past due balances.

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Charlie Has Ticklish Feet

Charlie Has Ticklish Feet

And Likes To Be Tickled

Catherine called me the other day and she was really excited. She met this girl Charlie at the Fetish Circuit and wanted to bring her in to get tickled. Charlie is very similar to Catherine right down to a lock tattoo over her left breast and her love of tickling. After a brief interview Catherine can’t hold back any longer and pulls off Charlies sandals and starts nibbling her feet. Charlie starts laughing a bit but when Catherines nails hit her sexy size 9 soles she goes absolutely nuts. Catherine finds so many different places on her feet it is amazing and Charlie is loving every minute of it, even when both feet get tickled at the same time.