Alexis Hates It – Foot Tickled In Stocks

Alexis made a big mistake when Catherine told her she wanted to see if she could be hog stocked. As soon as she is secure Catherine begins to tickle her feet making Alexis beg and struggle. Catherine starts licking her size 10 soles while tickling them and Alexis loses it. She laughs, begs and even fears she might cry but Catherine won’t let up. Catherine licks and tickles her feet til she just can’t take anymore.

Little Luna’s Tiny Feet

19 yr old Luna is a tiny girl with some very sexy size 5 feet. When Catherine hears about some of her tickling adventures she just has to see for herself. Catherine licks Lunas sole then takes her toes in her mouth and starts tickling them. Luna laughs and struggles but Catherine won’t let go. Catherine worships and tickles both of her tiny feet keeping Luna guessing whats coming next.

Tasty MILF Feet

Busty MILF Stephanie Mars has some very sexy soles and as soon as Catherine sees them she just has to get a taste. She slowly licks Stephanies foot from the heel to the toes savoring every inch and getting a few giggles along the way. Catherine starts nibbling and licking both feet and really gets into her wrinkled soles. Catherines tongue and lips get every inch of Stephanies feet covered before she is done.

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Catherine Lickles Charlies Feet

Catherine Lickles Charlies Feet HD
For A Tasty Evening Treat

Charlie is spending the night at Catherines and is lying on the bed with her shoes off. Catherine can’t resist licking her bare soles and when she does it starts to tickle Charlie a bit. Catherine climbs on top of her to keep her from squirming away then starts nibbling and licking from heel to toe. Charlie struggles and laughs when Catherines tongue and teeth hit certain spots but Catherine won’t stop til she has had her fill.

Oops Does That Tickle

Catherine and Candle are sitting on the couch when Candle starts checking out her socks. The light touch of Candles fingers makes Catherine jump and next thing you know Candle is tickling her feet. After a bit she removes Catherines socks and starts licking and tickling her wrinkled soles. This gets Catherine laughing and wiggling quite a bit until she is so turned on they have to head to the bedroom.

Catherine Worships Serenes Feet

Serenes Ticklish Feet
Are Catherines Treat

Serene Isley has some very sexy feet and she is ticklish too. Catherine starts off the interview and discovers a few interesting stories about Serenes experiences then has to find out for herself. She starts by licking Serenes soles and when she starts laughing Catherine has to try her nails. Serene tries to resist a bit but when Catherine combines licking and tickling it’s more than she can take.

Foot Sniffing Psycho

Foot Sniffing Psycho HD
Wants Georgias Feet

Georgia Belle is in her office late one night when she is surprised by a crazy girl from the asylum next door. The psycho ties her tightly in her chair and starts playing with her feet. She removes Georgias shoes and socks then begins sniffing and playing with her feet. Georgia screams and begs for help but everyone is gone for the day. The crazy girl sniffs her feet over and over while taunting poor Georgia until she finally gets scared and runs off.

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Maxine X Has Ticklish Feet

Busty Asian Maxine X has some very ticklish size 5 feet. Catherine removes her shoes and can’t help but lick and nibble them. When Maxine starts giggling Catherine starts using her fingers to tickle and tease her tiny soles which really gets her going. After licking and tickling Maxines feet for a bit Catherine is ready to really explore the rest of her.

Cori Has Ticklish Feet

Cori Has Ticklish Feet HD
For Catherine To Lick

Cori is a cute local girl that we finally got in to play with Catherine. For starters she removes Coris sneakers and socks then licks them from heel to toe making her giggle. When she uses her nails between Coris toes it really gets her laughing. Cathering nibbles, licks and tickles Coris feet for several minutes before she decides it’s time to tie her down and really tickle her but thats another story

Catherine Loves Renes Feet

Catherine Loves Renes Feet HD
With Her Lips And Tongue

It had been awhile since Catherine and Rene had seen each other and Catherine really has a thing for her feet. When they get a minute alone Catherine grabs her tiny feet and starts licking them from heel to toe. Rene loves the feeling of her tongue on her soles and lets out a few moans encouraging Catherine to take thing even further. Catherine starts sucking Renes heels and toes and even takes all 5 toes in her mouth at once really getting Rene going.

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