Victorias Virgin Feet

Are Candles Tasty Treat

21 year old Victoria Quinn has never had her feet worshiped and for Candle that information is an open invitation. After a brief interview Candle starts to take off Victorias socks and after a bit of difficulty she tugs them off with her teeth. Candle sniffs every inch of her soles then licks and tickles them too. Victoria giggles and moans from the mixture of sensations but definitely enjoys her first time.

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Oops Does That Tickle

Catherine and Candle are sitting on the couch when Candle starts checking out her socks. The light touch of Candles fingers makes Catherine jump and next thing you know Candle is tickling her feet. After a bit she removes Catherines socks and starts licking and tickling her wrinkled soles. This gets Catherine laughing and wiggling quite a bit until she is so turned on they have to head to the bedroom.