Victorias Virgin Feet

Are Candles Tasty Treat

21 year old Victoria Quinn has never had her feet worshiped and for Candle that information is an open invitation. After a brief interview Candle starts to take off Victorias socks and after a bit of difficulty she tugs them off with her teeth. Candle sniffs every inch of her soles then licks and tickles them too. Victoria giggles and moans from the mixture of sensations but definitely enjoys her first time.

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First Time Foot Girl Sara Quin

Saras Ticklish Feet HD

Are Just What Bridget Wants

21 year old Sara Quin has some very sexy size 10 feet and when she tells Bridget they’re ticklish she has to see for herself. As soon as Saras socks come off Bridgett runs her fingers up her soles making her squirm. After a bit of tickling Bridget begins to lick Saras toes and soles for the very first time. Apparently her tongue tickles as much as her fingers if not more.
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Lea and Nikkis Home Video

Lea & Nikki’s Home Video
Lea and Nikki are hanging out at Taylor’s and she’s busy in another room so they took her video camera and made a VERY special video FOR YOU! They know how much you love feet including smelling, licking, biting, etc. There is no director of this video, this is completely done without any script or plan. Watch them enjoy their feet and they even give you a chance to as well. Nom Nom Nom… gotta love Nikki and Lea and their genuine LOVE for feet too!
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First Time Foot Girl Andrea Sky Has Ticklish Feet

Sexy redhead Andrea Sky has never had her size 6 1/2 feet tickled on camera before. After finding out she was tickled alot growing up and even by her husband at home I have to see for myself. When my fingers seek out the right spots she giggles and squirms but can’t get away. From her heels to her toes every inch gets tickled and theres even a few attacks on her very ticklish sides.

While she was here Andrea shot some very hot scenes for our other sites too. Check out all her first times in video by clicking the banners below.








Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo- And Other free foot videos

So as many of you know we attended the AVN expo in Las Vegas this year and had a blast. Not only did we witness the return of the lovely and ticklish Taylor Raz to working for producers again we also got to shoot with some well known pornstars. While we were at the clips4sale booth we recorded some very hot videos for our youtube channel: JWTIESONCLIPS4SALE We have added a few below and also one that youtube might have flagged. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to visit our sponsors by clicking the banners below.

Taylor Raz Footworshipped Live at AVN Expo

Taylor Raz Returns

Pocahontas Jones on Spanking




Busty Selena Star Has Ticklish Feet

Busty and Beautiful BBW pornstar Selena Star was here a few weeks ago and man was she ticklish. We did a very hot x-rated scene for JWTIESAMATEURS on Clips4sale that you wouldn’t believe. Her Natural K breasts were a bit of a distraction but she still got plenty of torture. The scene we posted a preview of was from her interview with Rene phoenix and if you like foot tickling this is a must have.

Selena Star’s Ticklish Feet HD
Are Rene’s Tasty Treat

Rene was over for the weekend and when she found out Selena was ticklish she just had to have some fun. After hearing about some of her ticklish adventures, Rene just had to lick and tickle Selena’s feet. As soon as her tongue hit Selena’s soles, she started laughing like crazy, so Rene has no choice but to nibble and tickle her feet driving her insane. Selena struggles so much; Rene has to grab hold of both legs to keep her from getting away. And when she does she taunts Selena by telling her no one can help her now.

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Jenna Presley Is Ticklish

Jenna Presley Has Ticklish Feet
For Catherine To Nibble On

Busty porn star Jenna Presley tweeted a few weeks ago that she was ticklish so we had to get her in and see. Catherine finds out a bit about Jenna being tickle by her babysitter when she was young and a few details about her ticklishness then removes her shoes. She starts off licking Jenna’s arches and gets some hot responses but when Catherine nibbles her sole Jenna starts giggling. Knowing she found a good spot Catherine uses her nails and teeth to tickle Jenna but keeping her from getting too far away by erotically worshiping her soles.

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