Naughty Attorneys

Red Ameland is a sexy defense Attorney who is trying to get the charges reduced for her client (who is a family member) from a felony to a misdemeanor. She has a scheduled meeting with FL prosecuting Attorney Lela Beryl. The scene opens with Ameland in the office telling Lela she needs a favor and its unethical but she was wandering could the charges be reduced to a lesser offense. Prosecutor Lela is flabbergasted and says she cannot put her career in jeopardy and is offended by the offer and considers reporting Red to the bar! But Lela has second thoughts as her horny foot fetish desires kick in. Lela has been eyeing Red’s sexy size 9’s for quite some time and has been masturbating about her feet and she has her own proposition! Lela lets Red know if she can worship her pantyhose feet she will reconsider reducing the charges. Red obliges and Lela comes over to Red and takes off her shoes and gets on her knees and takes off Red’s pumps and devours Red’s sexy pantyhose toes on her knees for the next few minutes before getting more comfortable on the futon couch and continuing her assault on this sexy vixen’s feet for the another few minutes before Red propositions Lela- she loves how it feels and she has a bit of a foot fetish herself… maybe she can worship her pantyhose feet in return? After this steamy pantyhose worship session the decision has been made… charges dropped and case dismissed.