Sexy Teen Chi Chi Medinas Feet

Sexy Teen Chi Chi Medina starred in several scenes with us where her feet were the main focus. Check them Out:

chi chi‘s Ticklish Feet

Were Made For Licking

Tiny chi chi medina has some very ticklish size 7 feet and some pretty cute stories about being tickled by her dad too. After Bridget starts tickling her feet she can’t resist licking them for the first time. Her tongue tickles almost as much as her fingers as she devours chi chis soles. After a thorough worship session Bridget tickles them a bit more for good measure.
Captive Schoolgirl Chi Chi Medina

18 year old Chi Chi is on her way home after her session with the Dean so she is a bit distracted. Just as she is about to enter her apartment a man grabs her from behind, covers her mouth and drags her away. The man wrestles her to the couch and ties her hands behind her back then tapes her mouth shut. He climbs on the couch and starts tickling her socked feet making her squirm.
After a few minutes Chi Chi is willing to do whatever the man wants in hopes to be let go. Find out the rest of the story here:

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