Sage Evans Sexy Teen Soles


19 year old sexy redhead Sage Evans joined us for a few days of fun. While she was here we got to play with her very ticklish feet and the rest of her body too. She even did her first footjob scene and some foot worship too. Check out these hot scenes:

sage Wants YOUR Cum HD

All Over Her Feet

19 year old sage has never given a footjob before and really wants to try it with you. Her tiny hands get your cock hard then she wraps her feet around your shaft. She uses her feet to stroke your cock then flips over to give you a view of her sexy soles, and her ass too. After a few minutes she can’t wait for your cum so she quickly finishes you off by hand. Her hands and feet felt so good you blow a huge load covering them. sage thanks you with a smile as she rubs your load all over her feet.
Stepdaddy Knocked Me Up HD

Sages Dirty Diary

19 year old Sage moved in with her mom and step dad to be closer to her college. After a few weeks she started having very vivid fantasies about her step dad that really turned her on. As she recalls one of those fantasies in her diary she gets so turned on she has to play with her pussy until she cums several times.
The desires get so intense Sage just has to do something so one weekend while Mom was away she came up with a plan. Dressed in her sexiest lingerie she calls her step dad into her room and knows right away her tight scantily clad body is turning him on. She coyly teases him then starts rubbing his cock through his pants making her intentions very clear.
She unbuttons his pants and takes his cock in her mouth sucking like there is no tomorrow. Sage loves sucking his cock but her desires get the better of her so she has him lay on the bed and slides his cock into her tight pussy. Sage is so excited to finally fulfill her fantasies she squirts within minutes of riding his cock. Sage rides his cock harder and harder making herself cum several more times while her step dad fondles her perky breasts and spanks her tight ass. She rides him so hard he cums deep inside her tight pussy before realizing she isn’t on the pill.
A few days later while mom is at work Sage comes in with some disturbing news. She tells her step dad she went to the Doctor and found out she is pregnant. When he find out he is so upset he sends her to her room while he figures out a plan. What will her step daddy do?
Ticklefucked Til She Squirts HD

And Squirts And Squirts 16 Times

19 year old Sage really enjoyed being tickled and wanted to try it while being fucked, little did she know the effect it would have on her. The tickler starts out lightly teasing Sages naked body then increases the intensity making her laugh and struggle. After a few minutes of tickling her nipples, armpits and inner thighs he distracts her by putting his hard cock in her mouth. Sage gets so turned on she begs to get fucked and he moves between her legs. He thrusts his cock into her wet pussy and within minutes she is squirting all over him. Over and over Sage is tickled and fucked til she squirts 15 more times. After driving her completely wild the tickler has Sage suck his cock til he squirts too, ALL OVER HER FACE.

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