Tay’s Revenge on Alexis @xotaylorrazxo

Alexis is watching TV when suddenly jumped by an intruder and knocked out. This recently happened to Tay by Alexis and she’s getting revenge! She ties up Alexis and duct tapes her mouth so she can’t hear her complain. Alexis comes too and Tay begins worshiping her delicious meaty soles and sucking on her scrumptious toes! Alexis doesn’t like this as she struggles and muffles sounds of disgust thru her tape gag. Tay’s not finished with her fun on Alexis. She tickles her! She first tickles her feet and toes but soon finds out her upper body is even more ticklish. She ungags her and tickles her mercilessly. Tay loves hearing Alexis laugh and tortures her even worse getting her belly, thighs, and armpits! Tay knows her time is running short before someone gets suspicious so she knocks her out again and leaves her tied up and .

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