Pheromone Omega! @FTKL

General Gina Gambel (Mistress Maroe) orders her foot slave, Natalya Solevich (Shauna Ryanne) to take her to Ticklante’s Asiantown safe house. They surprise and ambush the masked hero and his new ally, Yun Fan (Tia Wileah)! Ticklante battles Natalya, while the general tickles Yun Fan silly! Fortunately, Yun Fan and Ticklante manage to K.O. both their foes!

General Gambel eventually awakes, tied to her shoe chair, with her feet in the air! Her long, beautiful, size 10 soles are helplessly displayed in front of the Ticklante! He sends her into frantic fits of laughter as he tickles her big feet! Feathers and fingernails ruthlessly reduce the big, bad villainess into a cackling, screaming (and very compliant) tickle prisoner!

Long, agile toes wriggle and writhe, as General Gambel reveals the function and antidote for the dreaded Pheromone Omega! But, it may already be too late to stop it from being loosed on the city!

Enjoy the foot-tickled anguish of yet another super-sexy domme, in the final episode of this series!


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