Jason Owes Rent @Roxie_Rae

WHITNEY and QUIN are sick of their room mate JASON never having rent and not having a job. Rent is due now and JASON still hasn’t paid and the girls are furious when he walks in from job hunting. WHITNEY and QUIN make JASON sit in front of their SMELLY FEET and then shove their SOCKED right in his nose. JASON is grossed out from the SMELL but BRAT GIRLS WHITNEY and QUIN are ready to punish him for not paying. WHITNEY and QUIN are going to make JASON pay one way or another as they force him to SNIFF their SOCKS and take in deep inhales of their SWEAT. WHITNEY holds JASON’S head to QUIN’S FEET torturing JASON. These girls are sick of always having to pay and want to make JASON sick from the SMELL of their SOCKS in his face as they lay him down and SMOTHER him in their SOCKS. When they think he’s had enough they shove their SOCKS in his nose and mouth more and make him taste the SWEATY SOCKS. Watch WHITNEY and QUIN as they DOMINATE JASON with their STINKY SOCKS.

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