Angel of Laughter! Pt. 1: Wrath of the An-Nylonator! @FTKL


Councilwoman Linda Lafferton (Nikki Brooks) returns to her home to find an unexpected guest! The corrupt city official is accosted, bound and wrapped in crime scene tape, by a mysterious woman (Daniella Deviant) dressed all in red!

The assailant refers to herself the councilwoman’s “angel of laughter” and she proves it by removing Lafferton’s shoes and tickle tormenting her exposed nylon-clad feet! The helpless politician cackles and struggles in a fit of ticklish agony, as her squirming toes try to dodge skillful, sharp fingernails! All begging, bargaining and attempts to give money and information fall upon deaf ears! The woman in red says very little and seems intent upon tickling Councilwoman Lafferton into an early demise … and does just that!

Afterwards, the femme fatale foot-tickler is given instructions by phone on where to plant the evidence! Who is this ferocious, foot-tickling assassin? Find out now as this one-of-a-kind movie series begins! And enjoy the 007-style opening credits! Prepare to be an-nylonated!

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