The Rings Of Worship an @FTKL production


Paris Kennedy is a thief, hunting the fabled Rings of Worship! Kymberly Jane guards one of five pairs of these precious jewels. The rings are actually toe-rings that can only be removed by sensual foot worship!

Kymberly’s valet (Paris) tricks her into letting her guard down. She ties Kym up and worships her sexy size 8 feet, to seduce her into giving up the rings! Kymberly tries to hold on but Paris’ skilled tongue on her soles and in between her toes drives her absolutely insane and has her ready to cum!

Lost in toe-tal foot ecstasy, Kymberly surrenders the toe-rings to Paris, but her ordeal isn’t over yet! Now the ring thief wants to know who else has one of the remaining four pairs! Kymberly tries to hold her tongue, but Paris tickle torments her helpless, bare feet with a feather, until Kym gives her a name … Agent Stacy!

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