Alexis Grace Itchy Feet In The Office

Alexis Grace is in the office, wearing black leather heel’s. Alexis is really bored, so she scribbles on paper, and play’s with her smartphone, wearing rings on most of her finger’s. As she is sitting and playing on her phone, the bottom of her toes start to itch really bad. She first try’s to wiggle her toes in her shoes, but that doesn’t work so she take’s her shoes off and rub’s her toes on the carpet.But that only works somewhat. So she crosses her legs on the chair “indian style” and she start’s scratching the bottom of her toes with her nice french nails, moaning with relief. While scratching, her phone rings but it feels so good she can’t stop scratching, so she let it ring.Alexis you stop’s scratching, but keeps her legs crossed with her bare feet and her shoes on the floor clearly visible for anyone who would enter the office and come to your desk. Alexis has to go grab some paperwork to type up on the computer but she does not even bother to put her shoes back on she walks barefoot. As she is going through the desk she lifts her leg and con not stop scratching her feet, while standing. Alexis walks back to her desk and can not stop scratching her feet. So she keeps her shoes off at her desk.

Stay tuned for part 2 :)

This clip contains: Close up’s of Hands, and feet, ignore fetish. A lot of close up wearing rings and showing off nail’s.

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