New Student Seduction

Violet is new on campus as the dorm supervisor makes a quick check on the newbie to make sure she’s adjusting OK. The think is, Allura has a thing for her younger residents and she can’t help but make a move. She caresses Violet and strokes her fingers thru her hair. Allura attacks Violet and begins heavily making out with her with lots of tongue. Violet admits she doesn’t think they should be doing that but Allura insists that it’s OK! Violet becomes comfortable and exchanges the kisses with even more aggression. They make out as if they are going to eat each others faces, and shove their tongues down each others throats.

That’s not all… Violet admits she’s been looking at Allura’s feet and she wants to worship them! The two begin aggressively licking and sucking each others soles until so much time has passed that they become nervous that someone might catch them!

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