Katie Cummings in You Love My Socks!

Are you staring at my socks again? That is the first thing the very sexy Katie Cummings asked when she was laying down on that big bed at The Funhouse today! She knows just how much we all love knee high socks on a sexy babe like her and it was such the perfect combination, real eye candy. Katie just loves showing off her sexy sock collection and today she was wearing these orange socks with black polka dots that complimented her legs so damn good. Let’s not forgot about the outfit to go with it, black lingerie 2 piece set that just showed off those big boobs and perfect booty perfectly. Well back to the socks as this was the showcase of the day with Katie Cummings. She just loved getting in all sorts of sexy positions for us to view those socks on her and she did a job well done with it. I think Katie’s favorite part was when she was laying face down and ass up with those socks being showed off so good but we couldn’t help it to stare at those buns as well. I think she just loves teasing us as she knows it’s done so well!

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