Gymnast Shelby Foot Smothers Judge

Brat girl gymnast Shelby always gets what she wants! Shelby has followed her judge home from a gymnastic competition. The loser Judge gave her a pitiful score and she demands vengeance and a score change. Shelby blind sides the judge in his hotel room and hops on him before he has a chance to say anything. Shelby shoves her stinky nylon soles on his face. Shelby demands a score change but the loser judge stands his ground. Shelby is not taking no for an answer and continues to press her nylon soles on his face. The judge gives in and gives her a few points higher. Shelby will not be satisfied unless she gets a solid ten and will not get up until he changes her score to a ten. After lots of foot smelling and face grinding the loser judge gives and gives Shelby the score this little brat princess deserves.
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