Elan Kane in Leg Warmers Tease

The adorable & beautiful Asian princess Elan Kane stopped by the FunHouse today to show us some of her sexy little outfits. One of the best from today’s selection was Elan’s very sexy black lingerie that just looked amazing on her. As you will see, the lingerie just compliments her sexy little body so nice and you are guaranteed to really enjoy the view as you watch the clip. But the most exciting part of this shoot was miss Elan Kane showing off her sexy black leg warmers that looked perfect on those sexy legs of hers. She really enjoyed showing them off, she rolled them down and then back up her legs just knowing how much of a tease that is for everyone at home watching this. She even moves that sexy little body on that big bed like she owns it, just knowing how much we are enjoying the view of her sexiness. And being the good girl she is, she even showed off those sexy little feet to the camera and even some very sexy views of that booty of hers. This is definitely one of our favorite shoots with the lovely Elan Kane and we hope you’ll agree!


Check it out on their site today:


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