Megan Skye On The Foot Obsession

Girl Scout Self Foot Worship
Megan Skye is getting close to getting all her badges. Megan is going through her list of badges she has and the ones she needs to get and sees a foot badge. Megan is confused and decides to give it a shot. Megan assumes it means to play with her own feet. Megan takes her pantyhose foot and begins to lick kiss and suck on her toes and soles. Megan is an honest scout so she worships her feet to the best of her ability. Megan then takes off her pantyhose and worships her bare feet. Megan does a good job worshiping her own bare feet then calls her scout master. The scout master lets her know the foot badge is for hiking. Megan is so embarrassed and cant believe the her airheadedness
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