Dre’s Foot Confession to Stella & Riley

Dre has been hiding her foot fetish from her best friends for years and tonight is the night she is going to tell them! She’s been asking the girls to wear their hose for multiple days and she wanted them to wear sexy leotards and pantyhose not for halloween costumes for next year, but for her own pleasure. She tells her besties about her hidden fetish and they surprisingly are OK with the idea and allow her to smell their feet. Dre is in heaven! She then tells them they should try and smell their own feet too! WOW, her friends love it too! Soon they are all indulging in a girl on girl, best friend, foot obsession! Dre then tells them she wants to lick them too! Soon after, they decide they want to try it as well!! They rip the pantyhose off and indulge in each others bare feet too. What bliss! Next time they should invite another friend in for a 4-some!

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